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26 Best Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime in 2022

26 Best Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime in 2022
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Which movies to watch at Christmas? As Christmas is ringing the bell it’s quite messy to get a visual idea of how should we can perfectly spend these holidays and most people choose wisely their options, They plan to stay home with their beloved ones and spend some quality time watching movies together. So why not choose the best movies to watch at Christmas.

Today We are going to share a tremendous list of movies that you’ll enjoy watching with family and friends.

Best value movies quick Links for Christmas

Best Family Movies to watch at Christmas

A Christmas Duet

movies to watch at ChristmasThis couple is popular for their adored Christmas duet, They are spending their best time when the occasional Yuletide Festival has started.


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Merry Christmas, Baby

movies to watch at ChristmasMarci tosses herself into readying for Christmas and building her new event-planning company. But when the industry gets off to a bumpy launch and members of her household face their rigours, Marci amplifies to help everyone have a decent vacation.


Watch Now | $2.99

You Light Up My Christmas

movies to watch at ChristmasInspired by true events, Emma returns to her birthplace erected around her family’s colonist Christmas Light Factory two weeks before Christmas. Still, upon her return, she finds the lights have gone dim in the formerly gleeful city egging Emma to reconnect with her old honey as they set their hearts and the city ablaze with light again.


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Last Holiday

movies to watch at ChristmasIn this comedy queen, Latifah spends her substantial life savings on a fleet European holiday when she learns she has only weeks to live.


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Almost Christmas

movies to watch at ChristmasA new comedy from David. Talbert tells the gleeful story of a cherished primogenitor who asks his family for one gift this vacation season to get on.


Watch Now | $3.99

Jingle All The Way

movies to watch at ChristmasArnold Schwarzenegger is desperately in the search for a difficult to discover toy for his son in this holiday comedy.

Watch Now | $3.99


Best Movies to watch at Christmas: Action

Drug War

movies to watch at ChristmasManufacturing just 50 grams of meth in China will earn you a death judgment. Timmy Choi just got caught making tons. Now he is in the guardianship of Captain Zhang and has one chance to avoid prosecution- turn snitch and help the bobbies bring down the important combination he is been cooking for.


Watch Now | $1.99


movies to watch at ChristmasWhen his estranged daughter is abducted in Paris, a retired spy sets out to disclose her at any cost. Counting on his extraordinary cops, he chases the ruthless mob that kidnapped her and undertakes a one-man conflict to bring them to justice and provide his daughter.


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Casino Royale

movies to watch at ChristmasThe Men Earns his permission to kill and opposes a brutal financier of terrorists.



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Die Hard

movies to watch at ChristmasAn officer of NYPD John McClane Tries to save his wife.




Watch Now | $3.99

Boondock Saints

movies to watch at ChristmasTwo Irish Unqualified brothers come castigators and wipe out Boston’s felonious demi world in the name of God.



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Best Movies to watch at Christmas: Comedy

The Comebacks

movies to watch at ChristmasA stumbling football teacher seeks an ultimate shot at accomplishment in this comedy that spoofs traditional sports flicks.


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Clifford The Big Red Dog

movies to watch at ChristmasWhen Emily discovers her little red pup named Clifford has grown 10- bases overnight, she will matriculate the help of the entire neighbourhood to keep the big sportful doggy out of trouble in this larger-than-life, fun-filled adventure!


Watch Now | $19.99


movies to watch at ChristmasA comedy about a couple who leaves the big megacity pressures of Manhattan and joins a footloose community where the only rule is to be yourself.


Watch Now | $3.99


movies to watch at ChristmasTwo beautiful intelligencers- turned-commercial operatives who put everything on the line to remain one double-cross ahead in a high stakes game of cat and mouse.


Watch Now | $3.99

Best Movies to watch at Christmas: Horror

The Endless

movies to watch at ChristmasPraised filmmakers Moorhead and Benson back with this marbles bending suspenser that pursues two brothers who admit a cryptic tape transmission motivating them to readdress the UFO death cult they exited a decade ago.


Watch Now | $3.99

The Fog

movies to watch at ChristmasOne hundred times after their boat was designedly wrecked, the ghosts of the boggled shipman have returned to Antonio Bay to exact an act of ghastly revenge.


Watch Now | $2.99

Grave Encounters

movies to watch at ChristmasA reality Television show crew film inside an abandoned internal sanitarium, where unexplained marvels were reported. The snappily realize that the structure isn’t only haunted, but it has no intention of ever letting them leave. 2011 Festival Selection.


Watch Now | $2.99


movies to watch at ChristmasScarified by agonies of monsters, Aaron Boone goes to see a psychiatrist, Dr Decker. He doesn’t know is that Decker is a serial killer.


Watch Now | $3.99

The Wailing

movies to watch at ChristmasDubitation leads to fever when pastoral townies link a series of brutal murders to the appearance of a mysterious foreigner.


Watch Now | $0.99


Best Movies to watch at Christmas: Romance

50 First Dates

movies to watch at ChristmasHawaiian islet glutton has to use his cleverness to win over the girl of his dreams when he realizes she has short term memory. Every night he’s cancelled from her memory so he has to make her fall in love with him each over again the coming day next and next.


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Chemical Hearts

movies to watch at ChristmasWhen a hopelessly idealistic high institute elderly falls for a mysterious fresh classmate, it establishes them both on an incidental trip that educates them about love, failure, and most greatly themselves.


Watch Now | $0.00

What If

movies to watch at ChristmasWHAT IF is the story of medical academy powerhouse Wallace, who is been constantly burned by bad connections. So while everyone surrounding him, also his roommate Allan, seems to be chancing the excellent mate, Wallace decides to put his love life on hold. It’s moreover that he confronts Chantry an animator who lives with her longtime admirer.

Watch Now | $2.99

Crazy Rich Asians

movies to watch at ChristmasRested on the accredited worldwide bestseller. A New occupant Rachel Chu visits his suitor to his voguish friend’s marriage in Singapore and greets her family for the first time.

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Best Movies to watch at Christmas: Thriller


movies to watch at ChristmasRussell Crowe, an Academy Award winner, appears in Unhinged, a nail-biting drama about something we’ve all experienced road rage.


Watch Now | $2.99

The Silencing

movies to watch at ChristmasWhen an apologetic hunter and a sheriff set out to seek down an assassin who may have seized the hunter’s daughter five years back, they got stuck in the game of cat and mouse.

Watch Now | $3.99

I See You

movies to watch at ChristmasHelen Hunt plays the lead role in this psychological thriller. Work-life balance is a challenge for the main investigator on a missing person investigation. However, as the family’s lives are put in jeopardy, the horrible truth about their house is revealed.


Watch Now | $2.99

The Handmaiden

movies to watch at ChristmasA stunning new criminal drama from PARK Chan-wook, the acclaimed filmmaker of OLDBOY, LADY VENGEANCE, and STOKER. PARK says the tale of two women: a youthful Japanese lady who resides in an isolated residence and a Korean woman who is hired to be her current handmaiden but is privately planning with a conman to cheat her of vast wealth.


Watch Now | $0.00

Wind River

movies to watch at ChristmasElizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner appear in this unsettling murder investigation set in the freezing backwoods of a Native American reservation.


Watch Now | $3.99


Now that you know which movies to watch at Christmas you can enjoy your Christmas perfectly. 

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