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The 6 Best Flat Top Grills With Buying Guide

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You can prepare a lot more than breakfasts with the best flat top grills.

You’ll be capable of making all of your simple and delicious meals with ease, and you’ll still be able make delectable hamburgers, pizzas, fried vegetables, and Japanese teppanyaki foods. Because flat top grills utilize fluid propane tanks, everything you’ll need now is a regular 20-pound tank, a controller, and a connection to get started grilling right away.

Whereas a gas grill does not produce the same smoke as a barbecue grill, this isn’t such a big concern when you’re seeking to cook some breakfast foods on the griddle. If you’re not sure what and how to look for when researching flat top grills, keep the following tips in mind for a stress-free purchase:

What to look in Flat top Grills?

  • Burners: Single-burner grills provide a smaller range of options. Numerous cooking zones can be created on a barbecue with different burners. For increased functionality, be sure you can regulate the burners individually. Hence more burners you have, the faster your grill will heat up.
  • Cooking Surface: Cooking surfaces made of steel or cast iron are thicker and maintain higher thermal conductivities without distorting. Heating plates made of stainless steel or chromium are more pricey but also more effective.
  • Maneuverability: Several wide flat top grills comes with locking tires and trolleys. It helps move them about the yard a lot simpler. Take a glance at some of the small devices we analyze if you ever need a handheld flat to grills for tailgating. They’ll comfortably fit in the trunk of a car.
  • Area: Before you do anything else, consider the area users have now in your backyard, on the deck, or on thier patio. Many flat top grills are huge and weighty, so make sure you have enough room. The entire burning surface area is proportional to the grill’s general size and weight. In numbers of square inches, this is represented. For a small family, 300 square inches of flat top grills will enough, while 500 square inches will suffice for a large party.
  • Temperature Control: When compared to grilling with charcoal, the settings on a gas griddle are so much simpler and easier.
  • Cleaning: These best flat top grills have grease reduction solutions that help well and platters that are simple to wash.

Best Flat Top Grills At a Glance

6 Best Flat Top Grills

01. Blackstone 1554

Image Credit: Amazon

A product from the Blackstone line, this one with four separately controllable burners, comes next in our quest for the finest flat top grills. Including almost 700 square inches available for breakfasts and far beyond, this 36-inch system gives you far more cooking space. Its 60,000-BTU monster is among the most efficient grills in its class, with each burner classified at 15,000 BTU.

It is indeed a new and improved design with an improved grease management system which makes grilling out even neater and faster. Upon that storage ledge supplied beneath the grill, there is plenty of room for your gas bottle. Along either side, you’ll find a set of cooking tables. The grill, which comes with folding legs and lockable rollers, is a heavyweight, but it’s one of the greatest flat top grills here on market.

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02. Pit Boss

Image Credit: Amazon

Pit Boss makes a variety of high-performance grills, including this traditional tabletop type that’s perfect for flat-top cooking. Its two-burner barbecue may be used both indoors and outdoors, which is not the case with other grills. Our grill’s small size also makes it a great travel companion. That’s tiny enough to fit in the luggage and light enough even to carry without exerting too much effort.

The thick flat griddle surface is pre-seasoned, so you can get straight to cooking right away. This grill sits on strong and secure legs when set up, providing a firm staging ground for grilling inside or outside. Because all of the burners may be controlled invidually, you can create a very customizable grilling atmosphere. The grill is also incredibly user-friendly, making it suitable for both novice and professional grillers.

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 03. Royal Gourmet  Portable

Image Credit: Amazon

A company with such a strong following in this category is Royal Gourmet, but why does this flat top grill stack up? To begin with, you’ll have a mega grill, and you’ll always get a large 316-square-inch kitchen area. This smooth porcelain-enameled griddle bottom is ideal for all of your simple and delicious dishes, as well as a variety of other foods.

With a dependable and quick piezo ignite technology onboard, you can start the grill the very first time, each time. Its burners produce a large heating capacity of 25,500 BTU once they’re lit, ensuring you’ll have plenty of energy for all your preferred grilled foods. In altogether, there will be three burners, creating different cooking regions for a versatile grill setup. Including its compact size, this compact grill is ideal for camping, and also use in the RV or even at the campsites.

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04. Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill

Image Credit: Amazon

Whenever it relates to flat top grills, Blackstone is among the most prominent brands, and this exterior griddle is our favorite. With a grilling total area of 470 square inches, you’ll get plenty of room to prepare food for a huge family, so you’ll be able to do a lot more than just fry eggs and bacon on this grill.

It’s as straightforward as pressing a button to turn on the twin of 15,000-BTU burners on this compressed gasses grill. Users can regulate each of these burners independently, allow us to create two cooking regions. Its grill’s structure is composed of durable powder-coated metal, and the heating surface is chilly metal, one of the quality equipment for flat-top grilling. Despite the fact that this grill weighs 75 pounds, it arrives with a tray with rollers that lock into position for easy transporting.

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05. Cuisinart CGG-888

Image Credit: Amazon

Cuisinart makes a lot of high-quality, low-cost equipment, so this flat top grill is just another great example. The duo of burners with a combined heat generation of 30,000 BTU are included in the flat heating center. These may be regulated individually, allow us to create warm and cool areas on your griddle for optimum versatility. A corrosion resistance vented lid is included with the grills. Users can burn, bake, roast, and stew their food inside this monster in addition to cooking.

The setup is simple, so you’ll be able to get up and going with this trolley combination in under thirty minutes. A foldable preparation table comes in handy, although there’s enough underneath for a hand towels holder, so you’ll have all you need right at your fingertips. A large oil catcher ensures a clean functioning and makes cleanup simpler after grilled.

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06. Blackstone Cooking Station

Image Credit: Amazon

Latest version from the incomparable Blackstone as we crossing the finish line of our flat top grill reviews. This company develops and manufactures this kind of grill, so how does the cooking station stand apart from the rest? It is a huge burner that is useful for larger households who have plenty of outdoor area at their home.

This huge grill, which measures 36 inches wide, has 740 inches thick of cooking space, further than making up for its large size.

The large side rack features with a chopping board, giving you the perfect cooking atmosphere with plenty of room to prep and serve your preferred grilled foods. The rechargeable batteries push-button ignition eliminates the need for matches or a lighter, and the Blackstone will light up the moment you hit the button.

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Frequently asked questions about Flat Top Grills

Do I need to clean flat-top grills before using?

If you want to use your new flat top grill, give it a good wash using hot soapy water. Any waste will be removed as a result of this. After your grill has been prepared, you should avoid applying soap on the griddle area. Gently rub the grill clean of food debris and wash it all down with no soap at all if it comes pre-seasoned. To avoid rust, make sure the griddle is completely dry.

What can I cook in Flat Top Grills?

Standard breakfast foods like hash browns, waffles, eggs, sausages, and bacon come to mind immediately when most individuals consider of flat top grills. You can do so much more. Tapas and kebabs are both excellent choices for this style of grill. Flat top grills are indeed wonderful for patties, and most sandwich. Cuts of meat with cheese can also be grilled. Then why not try some Japanese teppanyaki, as well? When it comes to flat top grills, your only constraint is your imagination, but you’ll have a hard time cooking larger portions of meat because the heat won’t rise high sufficient.

How can I store my flat top grills in a best way?

To avoid corrosion and rust, store your flat top griddle anywhere cool and dry. Replace the top of the griddle when dismantling and preserving your grill for the long term. Wrap your barbecue with heavy-duty canvas if you leave it outside.


Today, we offer a wide range of flat top grills and griddles in sizes and designs all preferences. We go over the disadvantages of these grills and how they assist you, so you won’t be caught off guard when you bring your grill home.

You’ll be utilizing the flat top grill for far more than breakfasts once you learn the variety of meals you can create with it.

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