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18 Best Graphic Design Software in 2024

Best graphic design software
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Designers used to be limited to only a few choices for professional graphic design tools. But now, there are dozens of software options available, each with its own set of features and benefits. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best graphic design software options on the market today.

Some popular graphic design tools include Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, both of which are available as standalone software or as part of Creative Suite software packages from Adobe. Other popular programs include Inkscape and GIMP, both of which are free and available for Mac and Windows computers. There are also many specialized programs designed specifically for web graphics or logo design, such as Canva and Sketch.

Ultimately, the decision on which graphic design software to use depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Choosing the right graphic design software is vitally important when creating high-quality images and designs. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a software package, such as the type of graphics that will be produced, the available features, compatibility with other software tools, and price. Here are the top three of the most popular graphic design software packages and their key features: Adobe Photoshop CC, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8, and Adobe Illustrator CC.

From creating logos and illustrations, to photo editing and web design, the best graphic design software can help you meet your goals. In this article, We ranked and reviewed the 20 Graphic design software, along with the top five choices, so that you have the information you need to choose the best option for you.

Is there a future for graphic designers?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are more than 250,000 graphic design jobs in the United States. However, the number of individual designers is predicted to be lower by approximately 4 percent between this year and 2029.

Get ready to express yourself in stunning new ways and create awesome digital art with ease and efficiency!

Top Graphic Design Software

Adobe Photoshop

PlatformWindows, Mac, iOS, Android
Rating out of /109.2/10
Promotion7 Days Trial

Adobe Photoshop is the industry-leading software for creating graphic designs. It has a wide range of features, allowing you to create beautiful graphics and logos, as well as photo albums and posters. Additionally, Adobe Photoshop is versatile enough to be used for a variety of other tasks, such as web design and illustration. If you are looking for software that can handle a wide range of projects, Adobe Photoshop is a perfect choice.

Adobe Photoshop is a program that is used by graphic designers to edit photos and graphic designs. It’s one of the most popular photo editing software programs in a design bundle that is widely used by programmers.


  • Design Tools – These tools provide a lot of options when designing apps for mobile phones and web platforms.
  • Creative Cloud – Adobe Creative Cloud offers many useful features, including Content-Aware Crop, Face-Aware Liquify, Artboards, the Design Space view, synced libraries, a glyph panel, Cloud Documents, touch input, and stylus support.
  • User Interface – The user interface is updated for the Adobe graphic design software in order to offer a customized layout and update. Adobe designer permits you to make your very own customized settings of panels.
  • Open-Source GIMP Software – If you don’t need to spend any money, then you can use this free application. Be sure to set it up on a powerful computer in order to ensure that it will not encounter any issues with lags and other problems.

User Experience

Adobe Photoshop is a software program that provides an intuitive user interface that is easy to use, making it a great choice for those who are new to photo editing. The program has a wide range of features that can be accessed by clicking on the menus at the top of the screen. The user interface is colorful and sleek, making it easy to understand and use. Adobe Photoshop is available in multiple versions, each with its own set of features. This makes it suitable for a variety of users, from beginner-level users who are just starting out in photo editing to more experienced users who want to add extra features or customize their work environment.

Adobe Photoshop Pricing

Adobe is offering Photoshop at a subscription price of US$20.99 per month per license. This offer is available for new and existing subscribers of Adobe Creative Cloud. This subscription includes access to all the features of Photoshop including color grading, compositing, animation, and 3D design. Additionally, this offer includes access to creative cloud services such as sign-in to products and services across devices; sync settings between devices; and sharing files with teammates quickly and easily.


  • Complimentary mobile apps with a subscription plan
  • Extensive library of stock images, templates, fonts, videos, and icons
  • Excellent integration with other Adobe programs
  • Support for multiple file formats, including JPG and PNG


  • Expensive pricing plans
  • Resource-demanding
  • Steep learning curve

Adobe InDesign

PlatformWindows, Mac, iOS, Android
Rating out of /108.8/10
Promotion7 Days Trial

Adobe InDesign is an incredibly powerful design tool that can be used by publishers to create stunning outputs that are also functionally efficient. With InDesign, you can create complex designs with ease, as well as produce simple logos and pamphlets without any trouble at all. Plus, InDesign is compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms, so your publications will look great no matter where they are read. If you’re looking for a design tool that can help you produce high-quality publications that are both beautiful and functional, then Adobe InDesign is the perfect option for you!

InDesign has a smaller learning curve than Photoshop, which makes it an excellent choice if you need to create lovely layouts for printed works quickly.

Adobe InDesign is a recommended software among business people who create publications. It supplies a variety of features for creating stunning brochures, spreadsheets, and publications. You can export these documents to HTML or PDF.


  • Easy To Use – In contrast to Photoshop, InDesign has a low learning curve. This means it is a great option for beginners who hope to quickly learn how to combine text and graphics.
  • Adjust Layout – The Adjust Layout feature allows the designer to change the text in one’s template, and the entire template changes accordingly. This is beneficial for infographic design.
  • Sensei Technology – Adobe’s AI-powered Sensei technology enables users to automatically resize and position images without any input from them.
  • Adobe InCopy – Designers can collaborate with others by using InCopy’s text editor, color palette, and graphics features.

User Experience

Adobe InDesign offers an interface that is similar to Photoshop and Illustrator for people who prefer to use Adobe products. If you use text, images, and or vector art, then InDesign can provide the professional results that you need.

Adobe Indesign Pricing

Adobe InDesign is powerful design software that can help you create beautiful and professional-looking documents. However, if you are looking to use this software for personal use, it can be quite expensive to buy the full Creative Cloud suite which costs $52.99 per month. Adobe has now created a subscription model which allows users to pay $20.99 per month for InDesign which gives you access to all of the features within the software. This subscription option is great for users who only need a few of the features within InDesign but don’t want to pay the full price for the software.


  • Excellent for image-heavy presentations
  • Easy collaboration
  • Layering functionality


  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t play as nicely with other Adobe products
  • Large file sizes


PlatformWindows, Mac, iOS
Rating out of /108.6/10
Promotion15 Days Trial

CorelDraw is a powerful and versatile program for creating illustrations, logos, and marketing materials. With CorelDraw, you have all the professional-level features you need to create stunning visualizations quickly and easily. From drawing tools to advanced compositing capabilities, CorelDraw has everything you need to create excellent visuals. Plus, with its easy-to-use interface and support for a wide range of file formats, CorelDraw is perfect for any creative project. Whether you’re a novice artist or an experienced pro, CorelDraw has everything you need to get started in graphic design.

CorelDraw is a great program for anyone who wants to create vector-based graphics. It has a user-friendly interface, allows for a wide range of design options, and produces high-quality results. CorelDraw is also fairly affordable, making it an excellent option for those who want to create professional graphics.

If graphic design forms part of your job, CorelDraw is an essential tool.

CorelDraw Graphic Suite comes with an interface that is easy to use, and professional-level photo editing capabilities. It is a package of multiple applications with access to an extensive selection of features.


  • Content Exchange – Corel’s online library provides registered customers with thousands of high-resolution images and photographic prints. It boasts over 1,000 vehicle templates, 1,000 fonts, more than 350 professionally designed templates, and more than 600 gradients, vectors, and bitmap fills.
  • Flexible Payment – Corel offers two payment programs, as well as an upgrade subscription program, for customers to obtain the latest version of the software. Corel also offers discounts to people who use the service for a long period.
  • Customizable UI – You receive a customizable desktop environment, icon sizing, toolboxes, choices for document style, and window border options for your desktop. You can also go to Corel’s developer community website to create a macro that fits your skill level.
  • New Pointilizer – Corel’s new pointilizer includes many variable parameters that are not exclusive to regular dots.

User Experience

CorelDraw is a vector graphic software that takes concepts from other vector software and combines them into an intuitive interface that is easy to use. CorelDraw has a lot of features that make it a great choice for both professional and amateur users.

CorelDraw is one of the most popular graphic design software programs on the market. It has a wide range of features, but it is still very user-friendly. This program is perfect for anyone who wants to create professional designs.

CorelDraw has a lot of features, including tools for drawing, painting, and editing graphics. It also includes tools for creating 3D objects and animations. CorelDraw is perfect for anyone who wants to create professional designs. It is also very easy to use, even if you are not familiar with graphic design programs.

CorelDraw Pricing

CorelDRAW has a free trial with a 15-day limit. Its full capabilities are abundant for the fee of $499 with a 30-day refund policy. You can also pay for a monthly or annual subscription for $248.17 per day or $4.83 per month.


  • Works Perfectly
  • AutoCAD, JPG, PNG, SVG, AutoCAD, JPG, and TIFF, It can also open


  • Too many payment options
  • Not easy to operate for beginners

Adobe Illustrator

PlatformWindows, Mac, iOS
Rating out of /108.2/10
Promotion30 Days Trial

Adobe Illustrator is software that can be used to create artwork, page layouts, logos, and typography. It is a popular program for these types of projects because it has a wide range of features and is easy to use. If you are regularly working with artwork, page layouts, logos, and typography, Adobe Illustrator is the software you should use.

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for vector illustrations. It provides all the tools you need to create beautiful designs, including layer manipulation, drawing tools, and a wide range of drawing options. Additionally, Illustrator has a built-in library of features that can be used to create graphics for websites and other digital media. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, Adobe Illustrator is a great tool to have on your team.


  • Adobe Sensei AI – can extract the colors from a picture using image recognition.
  • The extensive library – of Adobe Stock templates includes 90 million images and icons and thousands of fonts.
  • Creative Cloud – lets you access your files anywhere you have reliable internet.
  • Data merge – offers you continuous access to the latest information in infographics.
  • Community help – will show you how to use your online marketing campaign.

Adobe Illustrator Pricing

Adobe Illustrator is a widely used vector graphic design software that offers monthly subscriptions of US$20.99. This subscription allows users to access all the latest updates and features of the software, as well as collaborate with other members of the Adobe community. There is also a 30-day trial available for those who want to try out the program before committing to a subscription.


  • Integration with other editing tools found in Adobe’s family.
  • True-to-its-roots interface.
  • Start from scratch or choose a template.
  • Wide variety of vector design tools.


  • Resource-heavy.
  • Expensive subscription plans.
  • High learning curve.


PlatformWindows, Mac, Linux
Rating out of /107.8/10

Inkscape is my pick for scalable graphics. It’s an open-source graphics editor, making it a great option if you’re on a budget. Inkscape is free to download and use, making it a great choice for small businesses or individuals that don’t want to spend a lot of money on graphics software. Additionally, Inkscape is cross-platform, so you can use it on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.

If you’re looking for an open-source vector graphics editor that can handle complex designs with ease, Inkscape is definitely worth checking out. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, this software is perfect for creating professional-quality designs at virtually no cost.

Inkscape’s versatile tools make it ideal for creating logos, illustrations, and other complex designs. Its capabilities extend well beyond basic vector drawing; you can even use Inkscape to create 3D objects and animations. Furthermore, its cross-platform compatibility means that it can be used to create designs for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Overall, Inkscape is a powerful tool that is perfect for anyone looking to create high-quality graphics quickly and without expensive associated costs.

Inkscape is a free vector graphics program that has a lot of capability built into it by default. There is a great deal to learn about it, especially in regard to the interface, but the developer team has an abundance of resources to help you.

There are quite a few reasons Inkscape has going for it, among which is being free. It can import AI and CorelDRAW files. Its cross-platform compatibility makes it a great collaboration tool that doesn’t have to rely on proprietary formats. While it’s not aesthetically pleasing, it’s functional.


  • Useful text tools – provide support for line spacing, multiple lines, and letter spacing.
  • Drawing tools – offer a lineup of helpful tools, such as B zier curves, calligraphy tools, and Node selection.

User Experience

If you have used vector drawing software before, you’ll find the interface of Inkscape to be easy and straightforward, and the tools will be intuitive.

Using this software is straightforward, and creating designs, illustrations, logos, and graphics is a snap.

The status bar provides information about the selected object’s position, size, and color.

Inkscape Pricing

Inkscape is a free open-source program.


  • Command-line import support.
  • Built-in XML editor.
  • SVG file support.
  • Cross-platform.


  • Complex and obscure.
  • Confusing on a small screen.

Affinity Designer

PlatformWindows, Mac, Linux
Rating out of /107/10

Affinity Designer is a clean and capable vector graphic design application that costs much less than Adobe Illustrator. It boasts a wide range of features for creating logos, icons, headers, and other graphics with ease. Affinity Designer is perfect for small businesses or anyone who wants an easy-to-use and affordable solution for their vector graphics needs.

Affinity Designer has a 1,000,000-sq.-ft. zoom, which is well suited for making layouts for architecture-related jobs. If that’s not upscale enough, you can display the levels in units you would prefer. The other notable function is its version history. You will be able to recuperate to 8,000 steps, meaning it is a great alternative for working with customers. And the zoom also lets you regulate drafts and revisions.


  • Color management: Supports a variety of formats, including ICC, CMYK, and RGB
  • Timesaving tools: Consistent branding in your workspace
  • Real-time changes: Preview edits and blends on the fly
  • One-time purchase: No subscription fees

Affinity Designer Pricing

Designers can buy Affinity Designer software for a one-time cost of $54.99 on a desktop, or $21.99 on an iPad. The software is used to create graphic design projects and is available in both a desktop and app form.


  • Unlimited artboards.
  • Less demanding resource consumption.
  • reasonably priced.
  • Raster and vector workspaces in one program.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Confusing documentation.
  • iCloud services are unavailable.


PlatformWindows, Mac
Rating out of /107/10

PhotoScape is free image-editing software that provides a simple level of drawing options. It is straightforward to use with its drag-and-drop interface. You simply want to resize or crop your images, and PhotoScape will perform these duties with little effort. In addition, the software has a number of batch operations to assist you in handling multiple tasks quickly. These include minor editing and renaming of files.

The developers release an upgraded version of their software, PhotoScape X, along with a subscription-based PhotoScape Pro X, which expands its compatibility on Macs. PhotoScape presents motion effects, more filters, macros, added frames, and a merge to HDR to the plate. It is a one-time purchase through the Microsoft Store or the Apple Store.


  • Multilingual support is available in 30 languages.
  • Paper printing functionality enables you to print graph paper, lined paper, and even sheet music.
  • Advanced functions let you view animated GIFs, perform the Web’s acquaintances search, and rename batch files.

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  • Works with RAW images.
  • Easy to use. Batch editing.


  • Updates are infrequent in the free version.
  • Dated UI in the PhotoScape version.


Procreate bills itself as a complete art studio, made exclusively for iPad and Apple Pencil support. The app is available on the App Store for $9.99 and offers a wide range of tools and features that allow users to create beautiful artwork. With Procreate, users can draw, paint, sculpt, and create vector illustrations with ease. The app also includes built-in photo editing tools that allow users to add text or effects to their photos. Procreate is perfect for artists of all levels who want to create high-quality artwork on the go. It’s a one-time purchase with no a free trial or version available. You dive right into its large variety of templates, fonts, and customizable brushes. You can also bring your favorite Photoshop ones into the program, which will perform better with the Valkyrie engine. The developers went the extra mile to make employing the program as effortless as possible.

One of Procreate’s key characteristics is its support for 3D and real-time rendering in augmented reality. If you have an interest in digital art, Procreate provides an excellent starting point for you. However, the program has so many tools that it may appear to be overwhelming to beginners. You’ll learn about how to make unique brush strokes every time you use a particular type of brush.


  • Editing tools: 200 customizable brushes.
  • Color management: Intuitive selection of complementary colors and the color drop tool for filling.
  • Finishing filters: Bringing together image management for creating the perfect picture.
  • One-time purchase: No in-application purchases.

Procreate Pricing

Procreate, a new app for iPhone and iPad created by Australian developers Artifex Mundi is available exclusively on the App Store for the US $9.99. The app enables users to create 3D models with the help of intuitive controls and simple tutorials.

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The app has received positive reviews from users who appreciate its intuitive controls and easy-to-follow tutorials. Procreate is also affordable at the only US $9.99, making it an ideal app for beginners or those on a budget.


  • Extensive and high-quality tutorial library.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Apple Pencil support.
  • Import Photoshop brushes.


  • Extensive and high-quality tutorial library.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Apple Pencil support.
  • Import Photoshop brushes.


Canva is a versatile online platform that allows users to create a variety of projects, such as infographics, web design, or T-shirts. With over 1 million templates and tools available, Canva is an all-around solution for creating any kind of project. This platform also offers easy access to professional designers who can help tweak and perfect your project before it’s posted online. Overall, Canva is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a professional or creative project. Canva uses a drag-and-drop interface and a friendly interface to engage beginners with no prior expertise in graphic design. The program offers a large number of illustrations, templates, backgrounds, and fonts free of charge. However, the Canva library has a considerable array of paid items.

Canva is one of the most popular online graphic design tools in the world. It can work with a broad range of industries thanks to its huge template gallery. With over 1 million templates, Canva is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, Canva offers a wide range of customization options, so you can create designs that perfectly match your brand and message. Plus, the user-friendly platform makes creating graphics easy and fun. Whether you’re a small business owner looking for a simple way to create stunning visuals, or an established enterprise looking for more advanced features, Canva has what you need to get creative and produce high-quality results. The sampling we saw was professional-looking and offered excellent places for brainstorming. There are three pricing plans, including the free one for individuals and small teams. The paid plans include the full suite of goodies, with 100 GB of cloud storage.


  • Easy to use interface allows you to start designing right away.
  • Team tools make it easy to share projects with team folders and real-time collaboration.
  • Social media integration allows users to create posts that go straight to popular platforms.

Canva Pricing

Canva has always been known as a great way to create beautiful designs. However, the prices can be a bit high for some people. For example, the basic plan costs $6.99 per month for up to five people. Plus, you can try out the free plan for a limited time before you have to upgrade. If you’re looking for an affordable way to create designs, Canva may be the right option for you.

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  • Easy to learn
  • Free version available
  • Wizard for on-the-fly creation
  • A rich collection of resources and tutorials


  • Limited free stuff, with in-app purchases
  • Uneditable downloads


Genially is a great way to take your content and turn it into graphics that look professional on a website, blog, Pinterest, or Facebook. Genially allows you to easily add photos, text, and graphics together to create beautiful designs that look great on any page. With Genially, you can create graphics for your website in just minutes, without having to learn any complicated design software.


  • You can select from several templates, and your content will be placed in that template. If you want to, you can customize the color and design.
  • The animations it creates are simple to generate yet highly effective. It s easy to use and makes quality animations for business posts, on social media, and more.
  • Create presentations, infographics, and interactive images and turn content into an effective and powerful marketing tool.
  • If you want to create gamification, playable and visual quizzes, then Genially can help you do that.
  • The video editing feature of this app makes it possible for videos to be generated.

Genially Pricing

The pricing plans are as follows:

  • Pro: $7.49 per month (billed annually)
  • Master: $20.82 per month (billed annually)
  • Team: $79.15 per month (billed annually)

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  • You can select from many different templates
  • Create a custom presentation from scratch.


  • It’s optional and usually has many features. The user interface is difficult to get used to.

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is more than just an image editing software. It’s also a GNU image manipulation program and vector illustration software. This makes it a versatile tool for creating images, logos, and illustrations. Gravit Designer can be used to edit photos and graphics, as well as create new designs from scratch. With its easy-to-use interface, Gravit Designer is perfect for anyone looking to create professional images quickly and easily. The great thing about Gravit Designer is how it can be customized and user-friendly, thanks to its HTML-based program working on the web. Gravit Designer is pre-loaded with 500MB of cloud storage with the free plan, and unlimited cloud storage with the pro program.

Gravit Designer lets users work with RGB color models and also offers HSB and CMYK at the pro level. With the pro version, you can create touch-enabled images and work with documents offline. Gravit Designer also includes the ability to export up to 300 dpi, which makes it useful for people who do print work.


  • Outstanding compatibility: Works on all platforms, supporting numerous devices, such as Apple Pencil and touch-enabled gadgets.
  • Customizable features: Includes a dark theme and supports 14 languages.
  • Excellent user support: Includes thorough documentation and tool tips.
  • Extensive free-use options: Comes with premade design assets, fonts, and POD templates.

Gravit Designer Pricing

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Gravit Designer is a vector graphic design program that is entirely free of cost with limited features. Gravit Designer Pro is available for $49.99 yearly. The key difference between the two versions is that Gravit Designer Pro has more features and more capabilities.


  • An open-source, free version is available.
  • An intuitive interface.
  • Automatic saving.
  • Zoom up to 25,600.
  • Liz support.


  • No real-time collaboration.
  • No Google Drive integration with the free plan.


Pixlr is an online image editing platform that you can access either through a desktop computer or a mobile app supporting both Android and iOS. It’s a simple program that works perfectly if you want the basic editing tools available without the bells and whistles (and learning curves) of more advanced options.

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Formerly a subsidiary of Autodesk, Pixlr is now on its own. It has some of the beneficial features present in a number of similar programs, including an ecosystem of supplementary programs. It supports a variety of file formats, including SVG and PSD. The price is right, too, for this web-based design app. It has a free trial and free trial version. Regrettably, the free version is quite ad-heavy.


  • Include drag-and-drop templates and easy image editing features, along with a large template library offering professional-looking images.
  • Image editing and design Capabilities include Facebook event covers, Pinterest pins, and LinkedIn social media posts among other options.


  • Easily affordable.
  • Social media integration.
  • Version options for skill level and need.


  • Not intuitive.
  • No TIFF or BMP support.
  • A limited number of templates.


Figma is free graphic design software that offers a lot of features for free. It has a user-friendly interface and can be used by both professionals and amateurs. It has a wide range of features, such as drawing tools, typography tools, and file options. With Figma, you get unlimited cloud storage for your files and projects. Plus, the free version offers more features than the paid version. Whether you’re a designer or developer, Figma is a great platform to work on. Today’s software development is more collaborative than ever before. With tools like Figma, anyone can create a prototype or collaboration diagram in minutes, without needing any programming skills. But while sharing your work with a team of friends and family is great, you may want to keep your private projects exclusive.

That’s where the professional plan comes in. With an invite-only subscription, you’ll be able to keep all your projects private and only share them with select collaborators. So whether you’re looking for a way to stay organized and collaborate on projects easily, or you need a secret project space to work on alone, the professional plan is the perfect solution for you! Figma is a versatile tool that businesses can use to customize their designs. This makes it popular for organizations that want to have greater control over their designs and how they are presented.

Figma also provides businesses with a lot of latitudes when it comes to customization, particularly at the organization level. This means that different departments within the company can have unique designs without needing to recreate the entire toolkit.

Private plugins are one of the most versatile features of Figma. They allow you to create and administer plugins without having to share them with others, which is an affordable plan in comparison to many other project management tools. Additionally, private plugins can be used to extend or customize the functionality of Figma itself.


  • Collection of creative tools: Countless free bonuses are offered to enhance your belongings, including shapes, fonts, and color patterns.
  • Small business-friendly: Offers a lot of freedom for small teams, with unlimited cloud storage and drafts without paying a dime.

User Experience

Figma is an amazing prototyping tool that promotes collaboration among designers. It’s easy to share designs across an organization, and it has a user experience that makes it easy to get started. Figma is perfect for creating prototypes and testing ideas, and its versatility makes it a great tool for anyone working in the design field.

Figma Pricing

Figma Enterprise offers Figma editors a monthly plan for $75 and a yearly plan for $5 per month. This cost includes unlimited revisions, updates, and support.

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Additionally, Figma Enterprise also offers a FIGJAM editor subscription at $5 per month. This allows users to create and share their work with others in the community. Annual billing is only required for those who require more than 12 months of use.


  • Excellent features in pricing plans.
  • Private plugins are made at the organization level.
  • Cross-platform at the free level.


  • No shared fonts at lower price tiers.
  • No additional features at the organization level.


The sketch is a vector editing software that does an excellent job of managing your workflow. With its customizable interface, Sketch uses your plugins to help you accomplish your tasks quickly and easily. In addition to its vector editing features, Sketch also has powerful layers and shape tools, as well as a wide range of export options. Overall, it’s a great tool for anyone looking for an efficient way to manage their designs.

It is a minimal image editor that excludes Microsoft from its Mac-only function, which can be a deal-breaker for some. However, Sketch succeeds as a website design program because of its user-friendly interface. In fact, it’s kind of fun to operate!

This piece of software is of basic use, and it enjoys the support of numerous community groups. The offered plugins are helpful. Sketch provides 30 days of a free trial for its software, but it does not provide a free tier for persons. The business choice involves getting in touch with Sketch, which may or may not be useful depending on your size or needs.

User Experience

Sketching User Experiences approaches design and design thinking as something distinct that needs to be better understood—by both designers and the people with whom they need to work— in order to achieve success with new products and systems. So while the focus is on design, the approach is holistic.


  • Uncluttered interface: Gets you up and running quickly without the distractions
  • Mobile design: Makes it easy to create mobile interfaces
  • Guest collaboration: Adds the ability to create temporary project access with freelancers

Sketch Pricing

The yearly subscription costs $9 per month.

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  • Highly accessible to new users.
  • Excellent support documentation.
  • Strong community support.


  • Mac only.
  • No version comparison feature.
  • Expensive subscription service for its constraints and only one install.


Crello is a great app for personal editing that’s right up your alley if there’s an emphasis on social media such as YouTube, Square, Instagram, or Twitter. It has a good selection of drawing tools that will enable you to include animation in your videos or extract pictures from your photos. You might create a brand kit, remove backgrounds, and send team invitations if you thrive on marketing.

The free version of Crello provides access to an unlimited image library containing over 50,000 templates. You’re allowed to download five templates per month with the free account. Premium plans give you unlimited access to the templates in Crello. The app is available for practically any device and is available on any system or on the web.


  • Lots of goodies: Provides access even at the free level to its images and templates
  • Decent options for marketing: Create coupons, logos, brochures, gift certificates, social media ads, and more

Crello Pricing

Crello 2 plan Starter Free and pro $10 annually monthly plan (save 23%)


  • Independent level for free creation of content.
  • Mobile apps are available.
  • Animated templates are provided.
  • These tools are easy to learn to use.


  • It is difficult and time-consuming to migrate from previous software solutions.

Vectr – Best Graphic Design Software

Vectr is another free online tool that you can use to create or edit vector images. You can use Vectr as a desktop option, or you can use it online. In either case, Vectr provides a user-friendly interface that makes creating and editing vector images easy. Vectr also offers a variety of features that make it an excellent tool for creating graphics for your website or presentation. Vectr is an online platform that allows users to create vector graphics and typography. The platform has a focus on providing users with tools to create beautiful, professional-grade designs. Vectr offers a range of features that allow users to create logos, icons, illustrations, and more. With Vectr, you can also easily share your creations with others.

The application is extremely easy to use automatically. Otherwise, it has a vast library of guides and tutorials to show you anything you have to do. It is especially good for individuals who only need a simple interface without a lot of features.

Vector’s compatibility with many different operating systems and an online version makes it a great app. With a competent internet connection, Vectr can auto-sync with your cloud drive. The bright, clear graphics are great since Vector doesn’t create its graphics by relying on pixels.


  • Real-time editing: Using a shared URL makes collaboration seamless
  • Auto-sync: Saves across all platforms

Vectr Graphic Pricing

The application Vectr is a free and easy-to-use design application that web users can use to create the best logos and products. The app has many different tools available for users to create their designs, including a vector editor, font selection tool, color selector, and more.

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Additionally, Vectr offers a wide range of templates for users to choose from when creating their designs, making it easy for them to find the perfect style for their projects. Overall, Vectr is an excellent application that is both free and easy to use, making it a great choice for anyone looking to create quality logos or products on the web.


  • Extensive collection of resources and tutorials.
  • Free of charge in perpetuity.
  • Smooth graphics without pixels.


  • No import functionality.
  • No media library.
  • Internet connection needed.


Krita is an open-source digital art software that was originally released in 2013. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. Krita has a variety of features that make it an ideal tool for artists of all levels. It can be used to create animations, BMP files, and 2D drawings. Additionally, Krita has a built-in file import feature that allows users to easily import designs from other programs. It’s a valuable free tool, that handled creative photo editing basics quite well. Krita is a great choice for anyone wanting to try out adding digital content, but doesn’t wish to fork over a large sum of money.

The platform will be attractive to digital artists, as it is their project. Krita provides a good choice of brushes, vector tools, and brush stabilizers. The developers update the platform frequently, either good or bad, depending on the circumstances. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough documentation to explain all the new features as they become part of this tool. That said, it’s a great learning experience as well.


  • Comparable controls are in place throughout the platform, including touch-capable user interfaces.
  • Artistic decisions are crafted by artists, who in turn use a tool that’s not overly Photoshop-like.

Krita Pricing

Krita is a free and open-source raster graphics editor designed primarily for digital painting and 2D animation.

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The project’s website says: “Krita is a fast, comfortable, and versatile drawing tool that lets you create professional-quality illustrations, logos, comics, and videos.


  • Designed for capturing still images.
  • Freely downloadable.
  • Configurable workspace.
  • Audio import support.


  • Dated interface.
  • No technical support is offered.


GIMP was one of the very first open-source graphic-design programs, and it s famous for professional photo editing. The program is fairly light, so it’s comparable to some of the heavy hitters, including Adobe Photoshop. GIMP performs many of the same tasks at no cost and has a valuable user workspace with easy navigation.

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GIMP usually works well with Photoshop files. Nonetheless, Photoshop is updated more often, which results in incompatibility issues. The tech support with GIMP is fantastic. The instruction manual, knowledge base, and community are extremely supportive. That’s a great thing, too. While it’s powerful, GIMP has a steep learning curve, which is often the case in open-source software.


  • A powerful suite of tools: Offers several helpful tools for editing photos, such as a perspective mixer and its perspective clone tool.
  • Multiple drawing options: Works with 2D layout from scratch or presets.


  • No bloat
  • Frequent updates
  • Tons of support


  • Steep learning curve
  • Clunky CMYK image support

Final Thought

In conclusion, these are the 18 best graphic design software in 2022. Whether you need a desktop app or a web-based solution, these programs will have everything you need to create stunning designs. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, these tools will help you get the job done. So what are you waiting for? Get started!