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7 Best Pillow Top Mattress In 2024

7 Best Pillow Top Mattress In 2022
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The best pillow top mattress includes a covering of high-density foam that cradles your contours, relieves tension on your bones, and cushions your spine so that you can enjoy the pleasant good rest you deserve. Side sleepers’ hips and shoulders tend to grind into the bed, and will benefit from this sort of bed. This luxury is usually associated with a high price tag; however, good pillow-top mattresses are available at various pricing points.

Although most users will appreciate the plush luxury of pillow-top mattresses, it’s critical to pick the perfect one for you. We’ll recommend some of the most excellent pillow-top mattresses to support your spine.

Contents of Best Pillow Top Mattress

best pillow top mattress
Saatva Classic

The Saatva classic pillow top mattress can help those with back problems since it provides a lot of support devoid of sacrificing fluffy relief from pain. It has multiple coil sections in its base for optimal body assistance, making this one of the most comfortable and lasting mattress topper bedding I have seen.

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A thin comfort latex mattress base sits on top of springs, and the bed overlay is an egg cover colored organic cotton European pillow cover. It recalls us, like a handful of the other mattresses here on the list, of a beautiful spot mattress you’d rest on a long holiday. Due to the apparent stress-relieving recall surface, the luxury layer top seems more solid and comforting than a regular cotton puff.

The WinkBed

best pillow top mattress
The WinkBed

You could acquire a taste for a resort bedding like WinkBed Classic if users didn’t get that particular fantastic soft mattress from a previous holiday out of your thoughts. Luxury resorts often feature firm coil mattresses to fit every body shape, and pillow covers are popular since they give a few more layers of plush softness.

It seems somewhat too lovely to put bedding on since it appears like a Wow bed. The inner surface, on the other hand, is the true centre of attention. The soft European pillow top seems like one giant floating fog on top of a durable and robust packed coil structure. There are three texture levels to choose from: Firmer mattress, Softer, and Luxury firm choices. Our stress-relieving Smoother model is the most incredible soft pillow top mattress I have seen, and it’s ideal for side sleepers.


Bear Hybrid

best pillow top mattress
Bear Hybrid

Our Bear Hybrid bedding isn’t the cheapest pillow top mattress here on the market, although its superior form and unique additional perks make it gives an excellent value for your money. But first foremost, this is a 14-inch long heavy kid, identical to Allswell Supreme. It is indeed a hybrid mattress with encapsulated coils, many cushion levels, and a large and puffy cushion cover.

Upon Bear Hybrid, the top of the pillows impregnated is Celliant, linen containing specific thermal ingredients. It reduces the temperature from your skin and returns it to your supreme energy. As a result, your blood flow and oxygen supply are increase, making you feel more invigorated once you awaken. I can’t say with certainty that this stuff works, a comfy pillow top mattress.


Brooklyn Bloom

best pillow top mattress
Brooklyn Bloom

The Bloom by Brooklyn Mattress is a well-made, underappreciated bed that does not receive the recognition it needs. It is a 13-inch-tall, massive, environment-conscious mattress. That boasts a superior massively parallel packed coil core for optimum support to the edges of the bed. The three-inch sheet of genuine latex mattress, manufactured first from the nectar of a mulberry tree, serves as the significant relaxation surface.

It’s much more flexible, springy, and long-lasting than Dunlop foam, but it’s also harmless. Latex-free foam is also allergenic resistant and antibacterial, and therefore it won’t gather germs and bacteria, mold, fungus, or other irritating home irritants. The hardness level is somewhere between a five and a moderate on the meter.


Allswell Supreme

best pillow top mattress
Allswell Supreme

This Allswell Supreme is the top variant of the Allswell label, which Walmart owns. Even yet, it’s surprisingly reasonable, particularly when taken promotions into account. Although this pillow top mattress may not appear as attractive as other mattresses on this listing, users should never “judge a book by its cover.” Its measures 14 inches long and is made up of five sections.

Folded coils, an Energex cushion, graphite, copper-infused latex foam, and a soft European top are all included. The mattress, better than any of the others on this list, does have a latex foam quality. Although not as noticeable as on a Cushion bed, the bed covering layers embrace your torso as you sink into the bed. Due to the prominent enclosed coil element in the base, it’s more springy than ordinary foam mattresses.


Helix Midnight Luxe

best pillow top mattress
Helix Midnight Luxe

Helix Luxe Midnight is 14 inches deep on the interior and contains six levels. Its spinal comfort coils in the held coil sheet in the bottom provide gentler relaxation beneath your shoulder and focused assistance to your lower spine and torso. Once you’re lying down, this structural element isn’t undeniable, but it helps to encourage setting in order and avoid back problems in the long term.

Helix Midnight Luxe’s cushion top is pleated and patterned with small craters, giving the covering a cool aesthetic. A tiny amount of gel foam padding sits beneath the pillow top, giving it a somewhat foamy sensation. Most pillow-top mattresses are more breezy and lightweight than this one. Our bed has a much more traditional, balanced feel about it. Its pillow-top soften the latex foam, while the latex foam absorbs the fluffiness of the pillow cover.

$1,749 AT HELIX 

Brentwood Home Oceano Luxury

best pillow top mattress
Brentwood Home Oceano Luxury

This Brentwood Home Oceano combat the warmth, beginning with its velvety pillow bottom packed with natural wool and soft dispersed phase cushion. Our bed keeps you comfortable with a mixture of springy coils that allow air to circulate through the bedding and accessible gel foam padding, both porous and heat resistant; it got 8.5 out of 10 on our list.

Because of its nine supporting levels, which bring a total of 14 inches tall and approximately 3,000 separate coils, the Oceano is indeed the highest-rated mattress in the brand’s mattress collection. Furthermore, according to Wellness, Mattress Expert claims that the Oceano is the top environment-friendly mattress it has ever evaluated in its sleep center.


What to consider while buying a Pillow Top Mattress


When deciding on the hardness and form of the bed that rests beneath the pillow’s upper layer, will take the sleeper’s mass into account. Due to the soft and thin nature of cushion tops, many users will be able to sense the bed beneath them. As heavy dreamers who require a supporting, harder mattress yet like a comfortable feel, this delivers a perfect combination of hardness and tenderness. 

Sleeping Sides

A pillow-top mattress can be a useful adjunct to mattresses that could otherwise feel stiff on your legs and chest if you rest on your sides. When you rest on your back or stomach, make sure the cushion below the top of the pillow is solid enough to sustain you in this posture, which necessitates more continued support all through the whole to maintain the spine straight.


If you have a tendency to sleep overheated, search for a pillow top mattress with flexible fabrics and an airflow circulation design. Innerspring beds and hybrids featuring encapsulated coils, as well as pillow-top coverings pure cotton, linen, and rubber, sleep cold. We offer a lot of information for those who sleep warm, including shakedowns of the air cooling bedding and water cooling linens.

Euro Top vs. Pillow Top

Whereas the names ‘pillow top’ & ‘euro top’ both relate to extra material on top of a mattress, their look and structure vary somewhat. The pillow top is made out of a thin layer of memory foam which is sewed to the mattress so appears pleasant to the contact. The euro top is made out of a thin layer of cushion or polymer optical that is eventually increased and of greater quality than just a pillow top. Euro tops were sewed parallel to a mattress’s top borders, giving it a layered, slim silhouette.

How To Choose a Right Pillow Top Mattress


You’ll be able to sense the bed beneath the top surface of any pillow top mattress you pick. Then choose the hardness that is right for your body mass, sleeping posture, and personal choices, bearing in mind that the cushion top will only little change the feel of the cushion. 


There are plenty of pillow top mattress alternatives on the marketplace, so whether you choose an eco-friendly alternative or a pillow upper surface with soothing foam, you’ll find something to suit your needs.

Policies of a Pillow Top Mattress

While choosing a pillow top mattress, evaluate the sleep sample, delivery and refund procedures, and guarantee, just as you would with any other mattress purchasing. It’s particularly true if we won’t be able to check the bedding in a shop or if it is indeed your first experience buying a mattress with such a stitched cushion cover.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does the pillow top mattress last?

The decent pillow top mattress may last anytime between six to ten years, however, the lifetime is influenced by how the mattresses are cared for. 

Is a pillow top mattress good for your back?

Anyone searching for a mattress that will help alleviate or prevent back discomfort will find that a pillow top mattress combination of support and comfort achieves exactly that. However, you should also do some studies to determine which hardness level is optimal for your body frame.

Is it possible to get a decent night’s sleep on a pillow top mattress?

Sure, pillow-top mattresses give the mattresses a luxurious and puffy layer of padding. This may make a bed appear more luxurious and welcoming, similar to diving into a mound of pillows. C oils are typically found in the lower side of the pillow top mattress for stability, as well as the pillow top is supposed to offer extra warmth to the upper layer.