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5 Best Places On Your Body To Get A Tattoo

5 Best Places On Your Body To Get A Tattoo
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You want your new ink to look the same like it did the day you have it for years to come when you get it. While you may want to get a tattoo on any part of your body, not all regions are optimal for tattoo permanence. Some are well-known for their propensity for stretching and warping. On the other hand, others are more prone to fade and no longer appear the same. It’s all because of the location.

Among the most crucial factors to consider when it comes to the lifetime of your tattoo is sun exposure. As you can always use sunscreen to preserve your tattoo, if you want your ink to last for years, it’s a good idea to get it on the part of your body that’s usually hidden by clothing – particularly if you’re getting a colour apart from black.

Get A Tattoo

Putting extremely fine or detailed graphics on body areas that aren’t exposed to sunlight, on the other hand, it is typically a good idea to get a tattoo on the upper legs, stomach, inner arms, ribs, etc.

Get a tattoo at a spot that doesn’t receive a lot of light exposure; it is ideal for the lifetime of the colour, as sun damage causes colours to fade. Light-coloured inks disappear more rapidly than deeper hues.

5 Best Places On your Body To Get A Tattoo

01. Inner Arm

Get A Tattoo

If you spend a lot of time outside under the sun, you should avoid getting a tattoo on your outermost arm and instead opt for a more secure location. When it comes to UV exposure, your inner arm is impervious. Tattoos in this region tend to keep looking fresh because of the lack of UV rays. Usually, sun exposure breaks down the ink and causes it to discolour.

The upper inner arm is another excellent location, and it has the bonus of being readily covered and shielded by shirt sleeves, making it much safer.

02. Upper Thighs

The upper thighs are sun-protected, so if you want long-lasting tattoos, this could be your best option. It is the perfect place to get a tattoo.

That means you don’t have to cover up your tattoos all the time or be concerned about how they’ll look in twenty years. “Just use an SPF 50 or higher sunscreen on certain body regions can help decrease tattoo ageing from sunlight,” according to Akerman. So slather on your favourite sunscreen and get ready to go.

03. Outer Collarbone

Get A Tattoo

If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo on your chest area, the outside collarbone would be an excellent place to start. This area is “least exposed to the sun” since shirts and scarves readily conceal it. It’s less likely than the centre of your breast to bake in direct sunlight and fade as a consequence.

It’s also the part of the body where the skin stretches the least as you age, another element that might impact how long a tattoo lasts. Because the skin around your collarbone tends to remain put, it’s an excellent location for a lengthy tattoo.

04. Upper Ribcage

A tattoo on your ribcage that doesn’t stretch too far out towards your belly is a good spot because it’s typically hidden by clothes and so shielded from the sunlight.

But, more importantly, there is one area to get a tattoo on the abdomen that is less likely to expand if you become pregnant. Of course, it’s not a huge problem if that happens. If you’re worried about it, talk to your tattoo artist about how to prevent spots that may expand or fade over time.

If you’re determined to get a tattoo on your abdomen but don’t want it to change much, this could be the ideal place to do it.

05. Back

Get A Tattoo

Once again, it is a popular area to get a tattoo because it is frequently hidden by clothing. T his location isn’t “usually exposed to UV radiation daily.” It also tends to hold up nicely as time passes.

The back remains in control, particularly all around scapulae, unlike the abdomen, which can extend when your weight varies or if you’re pregnant. Whether you’re concerned about a tattoo distorting over time, ask your tattoo artist if this is a decent place.


The tattoo’s size and form can also impact how good it looks in ten or twenty years. Make sure you address these and other concerns with your tattoo artist before getting your new tattoo. They’ll assist you in sorting through all of the benefits and drawbacks and determining the best tattoo site for you so that you can get a tattoo without any worries.

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