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15 Best Tamil Movies On Amazon Prime

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Holidays? You must be thinking of watching some movies. Today we will suggest you best Tamil movies on Amazon prime. These movies are overall the best fit for you if you are a drama, romance, and action movie lover. You no longer have to find movies on Amazon prime our list of best Tamil movies on Amazon prime will provide you a brief movie description, so that you can choose which one fits best for you.

Read our 12 best Tamil movies on Amazon prime article to get a more visual idea about the best Tamil movies on Amazon prime. So, instead of wasting time picking what to stream, we chose to select and compile a list of the Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime that you should not overlook.

Contents of Best Movies on Amazon prime

Best Tamil Movies On Amazon Prime: Drama

01. Asuran

Starring – Dhanush & Manju Warrier
Director – Vetrimaaran
Genre – Drama

Asuran roughly translates as ‘the rise of the downtrodden.’ The tale revolves around Sivasami, a lower caste farmer who tolerates all of the higher caste’s tyranny and abuses in order to punish them later when the abuse reaches critical levels. During the first half, the storyline and directing are extremely entertaining and spicy, while the second part drags as Sivasami relates his memory.

One of the Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime. Vetri Maaran has done justice in presenting the harsh and terrible truths of our culture, something that many people still fail to accept, following in the footsteps of reformist directors like Pa Ranjith and Mari Selvaraj.


02. Peranbu

Starring – Mammootty
Director – Ram
Genre – Drama

Peranbu (2018), perhaps one of the best Tamil films ever created, is an intense and heartbreaking portrayal of a father’s bond with his Cerebral Palsy-affected daughter. This one is, without a doubt, the greatest item on this list of the Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime.

Peranbu makes you reflect on how women’s sexual demands are interpreted, as well as the societal shame connected with them throughout their menstrual cycle. Also, it makes you think about those with mental or physical impairments and how they are marginalized due to their differences. For almost all of Tamil cinema’s fixation with masala films and hero-worship, Peranbu is a refreshing change and the outcome of the industry’s advancement, just as the phrase goes.


03. Kabali

Starring – Rajinikanth
Director – Pa. Ranjith
Genre – Action / Drama

Kabali follows an elderly Don who gets freed from jail after 25 years to confront his rival, a drug king. I thought the narrative and aspects around the film might have been given greater consideration. That was a gradual of a film at times, and it was hurried at others. Nevertheless, as a fan of Rajinikanth, I watched this film only for the sake of seeing him.

No doubt it is one of the greatest movies gifted to fans of Rajini and worth having a place in our best Tamil movies on amazon prime.


04. Karnan

Starring – Dhanush, Lal, Rajisha Vijayan
Director – Mari Selvaraj
Genre – Drama

Karnan depicts the story of a brave young man who must strive and stand up for the rights of his traditional neighbors after a police officer’s brutality. Producer Mari Selvaraj employs the power of images and metaphors from the beginning, which propels the picture forward. This movie portraits how society ignores the brutality of powerful people and stay silent.

This film is a seething cry of the voiceless, desiring to be heard, and it is backed by some excellent performances by Dhanush. One of the Best Tamil Movies of 2021 with no single doubt.


05. Kadaikutty Singam

Starring – Karthi & Sayyeshaa
Director – Pandiraj
Genre – Drama

Pandiraj’s movies have always been amusing as well as financially successful. He provided a wonderful movie to spend any Saturday within Kadaikutty Singam, a film that has nothing to give yet doesn’t bore us in the least. This film’s narrative was beautifully organized, and the filmmaker included a social powerful message of agriculture.

This movie is worth giving a try in your leisure time you will become a fan of Karthi.


06. Pariyerum Perumal BA.BL

Starring – Kathir, Anandhi
Director – Mari Selvaraj
Genre – Drama

Throughout this film on anti-caste, Pariyerum Perumal BA.BL (2018), directed by Mari Selvaraj and filmed by Pa. Ranjith, runs directly for the jugular. One of the finest beginning moments in Tamil cinema in 2018 is the very first 10 minutes of the film. Our protagonist’s dog, Karuppi, is slain by people of some other caste, and this acts as a turning point in the story. The filmmaker has meticulously filled in each scenario, providing the audience with the opportunity to see things from the perspective of a lower-caste person.

As a result, we get emotionally engaged with the protagonist from the beginning, sharing his humiliation, beatings, and joys. Although Karuppi barely appears for ten minutes in the film, she is the pivot around which the whole thing revolves. A metaphor for the ongoing persecution of India’s lower classes and castes.


Best Tamil Movies On Amazon Prime: Action

07. Theri

Starring – Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu
Director – Atlee Kumar
Genre – Action

Vijay portrays Vijay Kumar IPS packs a powerful as Deputy Commissioner of Chennai City, produced by Atlee Kumar. Body language, line delivery, and a few large-scale moments all work in his favour. However, he lacked emotions in theatrical sequences, which was a disadvantage. Samantha Akkineni and Amy Jackson were cast as female leads in the same way that any other mainstream star would be. With her facial gestures, Nainika, the child of actress Meena, was so very adorable and cute. It is one of the best Tamil movies on amazon prime

On the other hand, I believe Atlee made a mistake by deciding to develop a film based on Lemuria’s old format and tale. The premise appears to be similar to numerous vengeance films we’ve seen before, and you could even think it’s similar to other Vijay movies.


08. Kaala

Starring – Rajinikanth & Nana Patekar
Director – Pa. Ranjith
Genre – Action

I loved Kaala (2018) right away and can recognize the amount of care that went into it. It’s a great accomplishment for any filmmaker to ignore what the audience wants to see. Producer Pa. Ranjith, on the other hand, tried to make sure he had a say in how the film should be done. It’s also one of the Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime.

This film is already two conflicting forces of Ranjith’s political standpoint of caste conflict and the rugged, The heroic movements of Rajinikanth bring joy to the helpless people, whereas the inner workings of the movie are centered on the difference between the hero and the adversary. It’s a far cry from their last car.


09. Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru

Starring – Karthi & Rakul Preet Singh
Director – H. Vinoth
Genre – Action

One of the Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime, Theeran is one of the finest action films in recent memory, and it follows Theeran Thirumaran as he embarks on a mission to apprehend one of the most renowned mafia teams known for stealing and murdering their victims. Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru keeps you on the verge of giving up the whole time, thanks to a captivating tale, a superbly crafted screenplay, and excellent players from the actors, particularly from Karthi. One of Amazon Prime’s best Tamil movies.

There are no other films that can match this one in terms of action scenes. You can binge-watch it on holidays with your family.


Best Tamil Movies On Amazon Prime: Romance

10. Alaipayuthey

Starring – R. Madhavan & Shalini
Director – Mani Ratnam
Genre – Romance

Alaipayuthey is a wonderful narrative of love, friendship, and maternal life that depicted a more realistic view of relationships and how living in a couple’s existence isn’t always simple. Millions of moviegoers throughout the country have praised and loved the picture, which has been released in numerous languages. This 137-minute masterpiece by Mani Ratnam is a rollercoaster trip of genuine feelings from start to finish, thanks to the beautiful soundtrack of A. R. Rahman.

One of the best Tamil movies on amazon prime for couples.


11. OK Kanmani

Starring – Dulquer Salmaan & Nitya Menen
Director – Mani Ratnam
Genre – Romance

The film OK Kanmani, produced by Mani Ratnam, is set in Mumbai, and after an intriguing first encounter, Adi and Tara quickly become friends, discovering that they have similar beliefs and attitudes about marriage and a variety of other topics. The rest of the movie shows if the pair can stick it out and continue to love each other. Overall, OK Kanmani is a cheerful film with plenty of cheerful moments. It’s worth seeing for the stunning camera work, euphonious soundtrack, and engaging characters.

one of the best Tamil movies on amazon prime to watch with your beloved ones.


12. Kadhalan

Starring – Prabhudeva & Nagma
Director – Shankar
Genre – Romance

After producing a blockbuster with Gentleman, filmmaker Shankar does it again with Kadhalan, which stars Prabhudeva and Nagma in pivotal roles. The plot revolves around a charming romance between a middle-class man and the daughter of a criminally inclined governor, with the rest of the film detailing how they overcome all of their challenges. Kadhalan is an all-around triumph and one of the top hits of the 90s.

If you are an enthusiast of 90s movies this movie is exactly for you. Overall one of the best Tamil movies on amazon prime to watch today.


Best Tamil Movies On Amazon Prime: Thriller

13. Imaikkaa Nodigal

Starring – Nayanthara, Anurag Kashyap
Director – R. Ajay Gnanmuthu
Genre – Thriller

It appears that imparting individuality and quality to each film has become a habit for the Lady Superstar. Nayanthara returns with Imaikkaa Nodigal, a thriller produced and directed by the inventive R. Ajay Gnanmuthu, following the huge success of ‘Kolamavu Kokila.’

The potboiler can be construed as a horrific cat and mouse game among CBI Officer Anjali (Nayanthara) and a maniac mass murderer on the loose, Rudra (Anurag Kashyap), in which each personality is invented with a solid backstory and given sufficient popularity all through, such as Vijay Sethupathi’s much-anticipated cameo. Imaikka Nodigal is absolutely something you do not want to miss. There is no doubt this is one of the best Tamil movies on amazon prime


14. Roja

Starring – Aravind Swamy & Madhoo
Director – Mani Ratnam
Genre – Romantic Thriller

Roja depicts the narrative of a normal housewife, Roja (Madhoo), who is abducted by a terrorist gang in Jammu and seeks to find her husband Rishi (a RAW agent for India) [Aravind Swamy]. Mani Ratnam’s movie style, which combines emotional drama with nationalism, began with Roja. In addition, the film’s innovative and soulful soundtrack drew a lot of attention, and rookie music director A. R. Rahman, together with Vairamuthu, received a National Award for his songs.

One of the best Tamil movies on amazon prime to watch right now.


15. D.16

Starring – Rahman
Director – Karthick Naren
Genre – Neo-noir Crime Thriller

This independent picture is bold and sleek. The narrative is the film’s greatest asset. ‘Every detail counts,’ as the film’s slogan says. No character is wasted; everyone has a role to play, and the unravelling of the mystery is fascinating to witness. Dhruvangal 16, Karthick Naren’s first suspense thriller, is a wonderfully performed whodunit.

Perfectly portraited this is why we add it to our list of best Tamil movies on amazon prime.



These movies are chosen for our list of best Tamil movies on Amazon prime after researching on IMDB reviews and based on its quality and how much people like it. The way directed movies it’s become the perfect one to portray real-life problems. Many people loved these movies and can’t resist watching these movies again. These movies are worth giving a try. Why waste your time for searching movies to watch. Read our article get the conspiracy of the movie and enjoy it with family.

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