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Best Way Facebook Video Download in 2024

Best Way Facebook Video Download
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Facebook doesn’t make it easy to download films to your phone or computer; the social media platform would rather you watch them on Facebook.

However, just because Facebook doesn’t want you to download videos doesn’t mean you can’t.

Whether you’re on a computer, an iPhone, or an Android phone, you can store video.

Have you come upon a fantastic video clip on Facebook that you want to keep forever? Don’t be concerned. Whether their regular uploads or Facebook Live recordings, saving or downloading Facebook videos is simple. Everything you need is the proper resources for the task.

Some of the tools are web applications, while others are desktop applications. One tool even allows you to download private Facebook videos. You can watch your downloaded Facebook video on any device, even if you are offline, regardless of the tool you use.

FBDown Private Facebook Videos

Facebook Video Download

FBDown also provides the most dependable method for downloading private Facebook videos.

However, accessing private videos is far more difficult than downloading public ones. Let’s have a look at how to use FBDown step by step:

  1. Go to the private Facebook video you’d like to save.
  2. Save the URL by right-clicking on the video.
  3. Go to FBDown’s web app for private video downloads.
  4. Click Next after pasting the copied URL.
  5. A link will be created by the tool. Make a copy of the link and paste it into a new tab.
  6. Copy all of the text.
  7. Paste it into the web app’s Page Source box.
  8. Click on the Download button.

Remember to use this tool responsibly. There’s a reason why people keep their videos private. Please refrain from using this tool to publish, steal, or exploit the content of other users.


Facebook Video Download

Downvids is a web-based video downloader for Facebook. It’s easy to use, and it lets you save Facebook videos to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

  1. Simply paste the video’s URL into the box.
  2. choose quality from the drop-down menu beneath.
  3. Select video format, and click Download.
  4. It will be replaced by a new box.
  5. After you hit Download a second time, the process will begin.

(Note: Be on the lookout for phony download buttons; it’s all too easy to fall for them.)


Facebook Video Download

SaveFrom is a web app as well as a Chrome plugin that allows you to copy a video from Facebook. If you’re a serial video downloader, the software also works with several other sites including YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, making it a good all-in-one option.

The first step, if you’ve been following along, will be familiar to you: Copy the video’s URL and paste it into the on-screen box before pressing the Download button.

The second solution, SaveFrom’s Chrome extension, has also been mentioned. Unfortunately, the extension is not available in the Chrome Web Store, so you’ll have to sideload it. The procedure is lengthy and requires the usage of MeddleMonkey, a Chrome extension that adds user script functionality. For additional information, see SaveFrom’s installation guide.

SaveFrom will also allow you to save a video from Facebook to your phone if you utilize the online app. Android and iOS devices are both supported.


Facebook Video Download

FBDown, like Downvids, is a simple Facebook video downloader. To get started, simply copy and paste a URL. The program does, however, include a second mechanism for downloading underutilized content.

First, there’s the linking mechanism. To get started, copy the video’s link, paste it into the web app’s box, then click the Download button. Your request will be processed by the app for a few seconds. To save the video to your computer, go to the next screen and choose Download Video in Normal Quality. Keep an eye out for false buttons once more.

Second, the FBDown Chrome addon is worth a shot. It will recognize any video on the page you’re viewing and provide a link to download it via the icon in the browser’s upper right-hand corner. It also works with videos from sites other than Facebook, which is a huge plus.


Facebook Video Download

Getfvid isn’t just for saving Facebook videos; it can also be used to download audio clips as MP3 files. It also works on the desktop and may be used to save a video from Facebook to your phone. If you wish to download to Android or iPhone, simply go to the Getfvid website from your mobile browser.

The download process is the same regardless of which operating system you’re running. Copy the video’s URL and paste it into the on-screen box before clicking the Download button.

Getfvid also has a Chrome extension if you don’t want to deal with the site. With only one click, you’ll be able to download HD videos from Facebook. Private Facebook videos are not supported by the plugin.


KeepVid is one of the most straightforward methods for downloading any video off the internet. You may download content from over 10,000 apps and online pages, according to the tool’s documentation.

It’s also, without a doubt, the most feature-rich of all the apps on this list. There’s an online downloader, a desktop app for Windows and macOS, and Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browser extensions.

The desktop programs are not free to use, but they do provide additional features. They aren’t necessary, however, if you just want to retrieve a couple of movies from Facebook; the online tool would suffice. To use it, copy the URL of the Facebook video you wish to download and paste it into the box.

mbasic Facebook

Using mbasic Facebook is a method of accessing the mobile version of Facebook from a desktop computer. The advantage is that you are connecting directly with the Facebook site, rather than using a third-party app. The mbasic version of Facebook, on the other hand, is, well, basic. As a result, it isn’t the most user-friendly website.

To get started, go to mbasic.facebook.com in your browser. Then, using the site’s mobile version, go to the Facebook video you wish to download. When you click the play button on the video, it will open in a new tab in your browser.

To download the video from Facebook and save it to your PC or Android/iPhone, right-click on it and select Save Video As.

Can you save Facebook videos?

You can save a video from Facebook to your computer or phone by downloading it. This way, you won’t have to go through your newsfeed to share it. On a Windows or Mac computer, as well as an iPhone or Android smartphone, here’s how you download a movie from Facebook.

Can we download a video from Facebook?

A video that has already been made public on Facebook can be downloaded. On Windows, Mac, and Android, users can simply copy and paste the video URL; however, iPhone users will need to use a third-party program such as MyMedia.

When you click the three-dot symbol at the top of the video post on Facebook, a Save video option appears. Unfortunately, this does not save the video on your device; instead, it saves it to the app to be viewed later.

Save a video to Facebook as a “bookmark” for later viewing

However, before we get into permanently downloading films from Facebook, there may be occasions when you just want to save a video within Facebook to watch it later. Consider it similar to “bookmarking” a video.

  1. Locate a video you’d like to store for later.
  2. In the top right corner of the post, click or press the three dots.

  3. Select “Save video” from the drop-down menu.

When you wish to watch the video again later, all of your saved videos will be in one place:

On a computer, go to the top left corner of the window and click the Facebook icon. Now from the “Watch” menu select “Saved Videos”.

Touch the three horizontal lines (sometimes known as a “hamburger menu”) on your phone, then tap “Saved.”

How to Download a Facebook Video on an Android Device and iPhone

On your iPhone or Android device, save a video.

Although the standard Facebook app does not allow you to save videos to your phone, several third-party apps allow you to save videos directly to your phone’s Camera Roll. Friendly for Facebook is one program that works extremely well for both Android and iPhone users.

Friendly offers a lot of things and is designed to merge Facebook and Messenger’s functions into one app, but there’s just one thing you need to know: it downloads and saves video to your phone.

  1. Download the Friendly app for Fb and install it.
  2. Open the app and select Add Account from the menu.

  3. If the program prompts you to connect to a service, select Facebook.

  4. Sign in to Facebook using your regular Facebook credentials.

  5. After you’ve logged in, you may use Friendly instead of the official Facebook app; it’ll look and behave similarly to the one you’re used to.

  6. To save a video to your phone’s photo and video library, hit the cloud-shaped download button in the lower right corner when you see one you wish to save. (You may need to start viewing the video to see the download button for some videos.)

How to Download a Facebook Video on PC

We don’t encourage utilizing any third-party tools or websites to try to download video on your computer, unlike your phone. Many of these are unreliable and may include malware or try to trick you into paying for further services.

Instead, you can utilize a method to download videos from Facebook directly.

  1. Locate a video you’d like to save.
  2. Begin watching the video, then right-click it and select “display video URL.”

  3. Copy the video URL that displays when you click on it (select the text and choose CTRL-C).

  4. Paste the URL you just copied into a new browser window. Do not even hit the Enter key just yet.

  5. Substitute “mbasic” for “www.”

  6. Type Enter to open the new URL in the browser. The video will be displayed in a manner that is optimal for mobile devices.

  7. Start watching the video, then right-click it and select “Save Video As…” from the menu.

  8. Give the video a title and save it.

Your computer will now be saved with the video.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Video Downloaders

Q #1) Are Facebook Video Downloaders Legal?

Answer: These programs are perfectly lawful to use as long as you are not downloading copyrighted protected stuff. To stay on the safe side of the law, we advocate just using the tool for personal reasons.

Q #2) Can a Facebook Video Downloader be used to download videos from other social networking sites?

Answer: This, of course, depends on the video downloader, though most are designed to work with a wide range of internet content and social networking sites.

Q #3) Is it possible to make money off of Facebook videos?

Answer: Using Facebook ad breaks, you may monetize your Facebook videos. Short commercials that run in between your uploaded video are known as ad breaks. Before you apply for monetization, be sure your page and video are eligible.

Other Methods of Obtaining Facebook Videos

If you wish to save or download a Facebook video, you can use any of the methods we’ve mentioned in this post. But, of course, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. A variety of websites, mobile apps, and desktop programs can achieve the same result.


Facebook serves as a way to communicate with friends and family from all over the world via the internet. It has developed into a titan in the streaming content and consumption market. As a result, there are numerous reasons why someone might desire to download movies from Facebook.Facebook video downloaders can allow you to download FB videos for a variety of reasons, from commercials to commentary.

In terms of our suggestions, if you’re looking for a basic Facebook video downloader, we recommend GetfVid. SaveFrom, on the other hand, would suffice if you want something more advanced with a lot more functions. Now you can download your favorite video or memes and can share them with friends.