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How Long Does SHEIN Take To Ship? 8 Most Asked Questions

how long does SHEIN take to ship
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How Long Does SHEIN Take To Ship?

The exact answer is 6-8 working days.

If you purchase with SHEIN, they must first process it. Processing time is typically 1-3 working days. Standard delivery will take 6-8 working days.

Shipment does not include the 1-3 day processing time necessary to complete your purchase from when it is ordered. Today we will cover all queries about How long SHEIN takes to ship.

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SHEIN will make a strenuous effort to ship your product as soon as possible. Please remember to order from your nearest Shein warehouse, and provide an exact address. However, extra time may be necessary to ship due to incorrect addresses and customs clearance concerns.

Let’s explore more about How long SHEIN takes to ship.

How long does SHEIN take to ship Express?

how long does SHEIN take to ship

Express delivery is a premium shipping option on SHEIN, and packages take around 2-4 working days. It is the most costly shipping option, but they also guarantee the quickest arrival periods.

What Is SHEIN Curve?

SHEIN has a whole plus-size department named Curve + Plus that is full of apparel in bigger sizes, exhibited by ladies who are genuinely plus-sized-ish (don’t get too thrilled, they’re generally a 12/14, but that’s still excellent).

Is SHEIN Legit?

SHEIN is a well-known Chinese quick fashion retailer that supplies over 220 destinations worldwide. It had a data security breach in 2018; however, Shein does not share your info. It is a legit place for shopping.

Where Is SHEIN Located?

SHEIN is a Chinese fashion women’s online shopping platform based in Shenzhen. The company’s objective is to develop an online fashion marketplace similar to Zara,  Forever21and other online shopping platforms.

Where Does SHEIN Ship From?

SHEIN straight imports its products from China. Usually, a few items are transported from distribution centers, while most orders are delivered from Chinese factories.

How to Track a SHEIN Shipment?

how long does SHEIN take to ship

Your delivery will be granted a tracking number after proper order completion. Your tracking number comes with an URL that takes you straight to the courier’s website. Users may also get their tracking number by following the procedures outlined below.

  1. Sign in to your SHEIN acc and then choose “My Account.”
  2. Select “My Order” on the “My Account” tab to get a list of all your existing orders.
  3. If the shipping phase is “Shipped,” on the right side of the screen, click “Track Order Details.”
  4. SHEIN will issue a unique tracking number and an URL to the courier that will allow you to follow the shipment’s status.

As you monitor your product, you’ll be able to observe the shipment status as well as any milestones. You’ll be able to view the precise location of your package online.

What is SHEIN’s Return Policy?

SHEIN has a return policy that allows you to make a refund request 45 days from the date of purchase. Return shipping fees are waived during the first return, but subsequent products are charged. The shipping expenses will subtract from the customer’s refunded balance following returns.

Refunds are typically handled within 7 days of being requested. Please keep in mind that although refund procedures are usually consistent between nations, costs and lead time limitations may vary. Make sure to verify the SHEIN website’s return policy in your region.

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How Do I Make a Return From SHEIN?

To make a return, a SHEIN follows these steps:

  1. Log in to your SHEIN account.
  2. Locate the order in My Orders and choose the “Return Item” option.
  3. Choose the product(s) you want to return, explain why, and confirm.
  4. Print and firmly adhere the return label to the exterior of your return container.

  5. Contact the postal service to arrange for a delivery or drop-off at your local branch.

NOTE: If you are arranging to send the return yourself, you may use whatever delivery method you like as long as it is postmarked within 45 days of the purchase date. (For further information, see the “Important Notice” segment.)

*The shipping label SHEIN gives is only valid for shipment inside the United States.


“How long does Shein take to ship” is no longer a mystery to you. SHEIN shipping may differ from the time here mentioned if you provide the wrong location. The question “How long does Shein take to ship” was answered from personal experience. Happy shopping with SHEIN.