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How to Get Discounts on Apple Products in 2024

How to Get Discounts on Apple Products in 2022
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Apple products are some of the most sought-after products on the market. With their innovative designs and powerful technology, they come at a premium price. For those looking to get Apple products on a budget, there are ways to get discounts on these items. In this article, readers will learn how to get discounts on Apple products by taking advantage of trade-in programs, using coupons and promo codes, and more.

Using an Apple product might be your dream and if you are trying to get one it costs a lot. What about a discount? What if I say discounts on apple products will let you buy your ideal apple product.

Although Apple items are pricey, that does not imply you should agree to anything less than your ideal. In truth, there are a few methods to save money on your next iPhone, iPad, or Mac purchase if you know how to buy property. We’ll show you some ways to discount apple products on your next Apple purchase in this article. We didn’t include any “buy used” advice in this article because we wanted to make sure you got a new gadget with a regular Apple warranty.

Pro Tip: The BrandCouponMall coupons and discounts offer great ways to save money for your next Apple purchase. Apple is currently offering several active discount offers.

How to get discounts on Apple products?

Discounts on apple products

Sign Up For Apple’s Credit Card

The Apple Store Credit Card was recently redesigned by Apple. This card offers 0% financing on Apple Store purchases purchased within the first 30 days after account opening, with an 18-month promotional duration. This 0% promotional period can save you a lot of money if you plan on financing your product using a credit card.

The Barclaycard Visa with Apple Rewards also accumulates points that can be used to purchase iTunes and Apple Store gift cards. The card earns three points for every dollar spent at the Apple Store, two points for every dollar spent in restaurants, and one point for every dollar spent on everything else. After earning 2,500 points, you can exchange them for a $25 gift card.

The card’s profits on Apple Store purchases are rather good since they amount to 3% back. Other annual fee-free cards, on the other hand, provide up to 4% cash back on restaurant purchases, and others offer 2% cashback on all expenditures. If iTunes gift cards aren’t for you, take a look at our list of the top cashback credit cards to see which one best fits your needs. You can have discounts on apple products through these credit cards.

Apple student discount

Discounts on apple products

Apple offers some fantastic discounts on apple products for students, allowing you to purchase the latest technology without breaking the bank. And right now, you can save a lot of money on Macbooks, iPads, and iMacs, plus you can receive two months of Apple TV for free if you sign up for the Apple Music student membership (because who doesn’t like a freebie?

The Apple student discount does not have a set discount, but you may expect to save about 10% on full-price discounts on apple products. We realize it doesn’t sound like much, but the savings pile up quickly. We do encourage doing some comparison shopping to make sure you’re getting the greatest value possible.

Where can I get student discounts on Apple products?

01. Students in post-secondary or higher education

You must be 16 or older and enrolled in further/higher education, such as college or university, with a valid student ID to qualify for the Apple student discount — simple, right? You can get student discounts on apple products as soon as you enroll in a sixth-form, college, or university program.

02. Students’ parents

Surprisingly, the discount is available to everybody, not just students. That’s right, if you’re the parent or guardian of a student who qualifies for the deal, you can save money on an Apple product on your child’s behalf. It’s vital to understand that if you’re buying something for yourself, you won’t be eligible for the discount. It is the best way to get discounts on apple products.

03. Educators and their coworkers

If you’re not a student or a parent, but you work in education, you’re still eligible for the Apple Student discount. Apple offers discounts to employees (from teachers to administrators) at colleges, sixth forms, and universities (both public and private). You’ll need to show proof of where you work to get your discount. If you’re a PTA or PTO member, you can even earn a student discount (parent-teacher association or organization).

Where can I find Discounts on Apple products?

You don’t have to be a student to obtain a discount, which we know is hard to believe. Apple student discounts are available to teachers, education employees, parents, school board members, and PTA members, among others in the education field. It’s as simple as going to the Apple Store for Education and verifying your credentials – how simple is that?

However, depending on where you live, the method of receiving your discounts on apple products differs. Simply go to the Apple Store for Education in the United States (preferably, use your university’s network for this stage) and follow the procedures to select your things. It’s also a good idea to have your proof of eligibility with you when you sign up. You may not require your proof, but it is a good idea to have it on hand just in case.

It’s (sadly) not so simple in the United Kingdom. To earn your student discount, go to the UK Apple Store for Education and join up online through Unidays, a student discount website. Unidays is completely free, however, you must give some information about your degree and university for your account to be validated.

Is it all getting a little too much for you? Don’t panic; if you call Apple, chat online, or visit an Apple store, a member of the staff may be able to assist you to get discounts on Apple products.

What products are available for discounts on apple products?

The MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (13-inch), MacBook Pro (16-inch), iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, and Mac mini, as well as the Mac Pro and Mac mini, are all eligible for the Apple Student Discount. Meanwhile, Apple Student discounts are available on the iPad Pro and iPad Air, as well as the iPad and iPad mini, if you’re shopping for an iPad.

The major news right now is that Apple is offering a student discount on select Mac computers and iPads (iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini) (iPad Air and iPad Pro). You can save up to $200 / £280 on a Mac, and you can save up to $100 / £80 on an iPad.

Apple Music now has a substantial student discount. This one is a little more straightforward: a basic 50% discount means you’ll pay $4.99 / £4.99 each month for up to 48 months instead of the regular $9.99 / £9.99 per month.

More ways to get discounts on Apple products.

Deals on Black Friday

Discounts on apple products

Even though Apple’s Black Friday isn’t as big as other firms, the biggest shopping day of the year always finds Apple giving some sort of deal. With the purchase of certain high-ticket items, Apple often gives away up to $200 in Apple gift cards. Wait till then if you’re considering purchasing something significant from Apple. We’ve prepared a comprehensive list of Apple Black Friday deals for your convenience. Regardless of the season, we keep this directory up to date with the greatest deals.

Apple Gift Certificates

Some stores provide discounted gift cards or store privileges in exchange for their purchase. When you purchase an Apple gift card from Giant Eagle, for example, you will receive points that may be used to acquire free gas at their GetGo gas stations. Although it may take more time and work than it is worth, it is a way to save money. This worked for me before purchasing a MacBook Pro, and it resulted in a free tank of gas.

Apples are bought and sold

Why not take advantage of Apple’s Trade-In program if you have an older Apple device collecting dust? To get an immediate discount on your purchase, mail it or bring it to Apple. You can also choose to receive an Apple gift card that you can use to make a future purchase.

Higher education students

Throughout the year, college students can save money on PCs, iPad Pros, Apple Music, and Apple Pencils. Apple’s Shop for College gateway, which can be found at the bottom of the company’s website, allows you to shop in-store or online if you’re a college student.

Check Apple Authorized Resellers

Discounts on apple products

Walmart, Amazon, and B&H Photo are just a few of Apple’s authorized retailers. When these resellers have an overstock of a particular product, they will offer it for less than the original retail price. In addition, some retailers offer package discounts. The purchase of an iPad, for example, may include an extra charger, case, or headphones.

In most areas, resellers like Adorama and B&H sell Apple devices tax-free. This can save you a lot of money, depending on where you live–in some situations, even more than Apple’s school discount.

On the subject of iPads, keep in mind that retailers such as Best Buy, Staples, Target, and Walmart frequently provide reasonable prices. As of October 2019, My Best Buy members (who are free to join) can get weekly discounts on select Apple products. To ensure you get the best iPad offer, check Brad’s Deals frequently for the best iPad deals from all authorized resellers.

In our post Why You Should NOT Just Walk Into the Apple Store to Buy Your Mac, we go over more about approved Apple resellers.

Promotions are granted at the discretion of the company

Apple will conduct specials on specific accessories, such as Beats headphones, from time to time. These special rates will be available on Apple’s website alone; they will not be publicized elsewhere, and there will be no signage at the Apple Store. If you’re lucky, the discount will appear as you’re ringing up the sale. We cover those kinds of deals right here on iMore, so check back frequently and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date!

A credit card that can be used

Discounts on apple products

If you pay with your Apple Card at the Apple Store, you’ll get 3% cashback. It may not appear to be much at first, but it adds up. However, that isn’t your only option. One of the finest credit cards for buying Apple products is the American Express® Cash Magnet card, which comes with a $150 statement credit and 1.5 percent cashback. This card also comes with accidental damage insurance and 15 months of interest-free financing. With the American Express® Business Gold card, business owners can earn even more benefits.

Refurbished Item Certification

If you don’t require the most up-to-date technology, Apple’s Certified Refurbished online store can help you save up to 15% on retail costs. It’s worth noting that this is only available online and not in Apple stores. It doesn’t feel like you’re purchasing a used device when you buy a certified refurbished one directly from Apple. Genuine Apple parts will be used if any parts need to be replaced.

The gadget has been cleaned and inspected, and a new battery and casing have been installed. It ships for free and includes all of the usual extras in new packaging. A one-year warranty is included, with the option to upgrade to AppleCare. Another benefit of purchasing refurbished Apple products is that you can obtain an older Apple model that is no longer available new. In the sphere of education, there are two categories of persons who work: educators and teachers.

All instructors and educators, from preschool to graduate school, are eligible for the same Apple product discounts and incentives as college students, as stated above. Educators, on the other hand, do not qualify for the same Apple Music discount that students get.

Bring proof of employment, such as a teacher’s badge or a pay stub. For the specialist to apply your discount, your school must also be listed in Apple’s system. You can earn a tax break if you buy Apple items for your school.

Discounts granted by the company

Many companies have a deal with Apple, and their employees can obtain a discount on Apple products when they buy them for personal use. If you work for a major company, check with your human resources department to see if you qualify for Apple Store discounts. Simply show proof of employment, such as a badge or business card, and ask your specialist (Apple salesman) to apply for the discount. Your employer may also give you access to an online store where you may buy Apple products at a discount.

Employees of the government

Discounts on apple products

If you work for the government, you can earn discounts at the Apple Store on a variety of Apple products. Shopping on Apple.com’s government page, which is identical to the school discount, can save you money. Whether you’re purchasing for your government organization or personal use, there are various ways where you may save money. You can also go to the store and shop in person. Bring your government identification to show an Apple employee to earn the right discount.

Veterans and military personnel

If you’re currently serving in the military, a veteran, or a member of an immediate family living in the same household, you can earn a 10% military discount on different Apple services and goods. The discount can be obtained by going to Apple.com’s military page or visiting an Apple Store in person. ID.me will be necessary to validate your identity whenever you make an online transaction.

To take advantage of the discount in person, you’ll also need your military ID. Check the price online before heading to the store, as some customers have reported only receiving a 6% discount in person.


So now you know how to get discounts on Apple products you can enjoy your favorite ape accessories and all. It’s not impossible to get you the apple product you always wanted for a long time. If you know more ways to have discounts on apple products let us know in the comment section.