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How to Make Money on YouTube without Making Videos Effortlessly in 2024

How to Make Money on Youtube without Making Videos
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Each day, more than five billion people watch youtube videos throughout the world. YouTube is just as famous as it has always been, with viewers and users spending an average of 40 minutes each session on the site.

Next, you should understand how to generate money on YouTube following this digital transition. Everything you need to get started on YouTube is editing software and a computer.

Ryan’s Toy Review, for example, earned a whopping $22 million by messing about with and dismantling toys. Not bad for tinkering with electronics.

Making money on YouTube is no longer limited to a small group of platinum artists, businesspeople, or social media celebrities.

YouTube presents a variety of ways for ordinary consumers to generate income.

You must, nevertheless, take a much more organized strategy.

I’ll go through the many methods you may start generating money on YouTube this year in this post.

Let’s get this party started.

What Is the Best Way to Make Money on YouTube?

While it is feasible to earn a considerable amount of money as a video producer on YouTube, it is not easy. Every minute, 500 hours of videos people post to YouTube throughout the globe. Numbers aren’t deceiving. As a response, the market is very competitive, and generating a lot of money online gets increasingly difficult.

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Here are a few popular strategies for maximizing your earning potential on YouTube.

1. Use the money from your viewers to finance your YouTube channel.

How to make money on YouTube

If you’ve built a devoted audience, get them to help you donate for your channel. It will help you obtain new videos and sponsor them.

A fundraising platform, such as Patreon, simplifies the process of receiving payment for your work.

Your subscribers may subscribe to their favorite channels for as little as a dollar and get exclusive content from their favorite YouTube creators. Tipee is another platform for making one-time and recurring contributions. For-profit and non-profit video channels equally use fan-funding with their viewers to keep their operations running smoothly.

If the kind of material you provide is entertaining, humorous, or valuable, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your visitors open the floodgates of generosity.

It’s also crucial to understand your audience’s qualities when asking for donations.

2. Make a name for yourself on Amazon as an Amazon Influencer.

The influencer program at Amazon is gaining traction. You may monetize your YouTube (and other social media) presence by suggesting Amazon purchases via this influencer program.

You’ll be able to give product reviews and suggestions after joining the program, as well as drive your viewers to Amazon to make purchases through affiliate links. When your viewers click on Amazon and make a purchase, you get a cut of the commission — typically 8-10%.

Aside from product reviews, Amazon enables content creators to promote their products. It means that if someone buys your product, you will get profit entirely (I obtained this information from Amazon.com).

You may also monetize your audience via Amazon’s affiliate network without fulfilling any purchases yourself.

However, keep in mind that this program is not open to everyone.

The number of social media followers and other variables impact the probability of acceptance for Amazon’s influencer marketing campaigns.

3. Look at the advantages of YouTube Red Subscribers.

YouTube Red is a $9.99 membership program that allows people to view YouTube without ads. Even without YouTube adverts, content producers may still generate money and earn up to 55% of revenue based on view time. Whether YouTube Red increases or decreases CPM rates has sparked debate.

YouTube Premium is a membership service that costs money. With YouTube Red, your watch time counts, so go to YouTube Analytics to check your statistics, such as watch time and video engagement.

How much money can you earn on YouTube?

The short answer is that it varies.

Implementing ad monetization, affiliate links, and selling sponsored places in your videos will help you make more money.

There’s a whole handful of ways to make money on YouTube. It may happen with CPM, CPV, and CPC ads. Using cost per impression, a typical YouTuber gets $7.60 per 1,000 views (CPM).

On the other hand, authors get 55% of ad income while Google keeps 45%, according to Google guidelines.

Advertisers pay you based on several models when you employ affiliate marketing as a channel owner, most of which are cost per sale or cost per lead.

In this situation, your income is proportionate to the number of conversions and sale commissions you get from advertising. It’s also possible to sell sponsored product placements in your movie.

YouTube is quite advertiser-friendly in this regard since the site makes money by selling brief mentions or lengthier product recommendations to marketers looking for exposure. Companies will pay you to demonstrate that you have built a measurable audience on your channel.

They might pay anything from $20 to $50 for every few thousand YouTube views they obtain on your channel. So, if their video receives millions of views on your channel, you might be dancing to the tune of $20,000 to $50,000.

This method is a better approach to monetize if you don’t have millions of views.

5. Become a YouTube SEO specialist.

This year is the moment for video creators who haven’t built a significant following to step up their game and enhance their YouTube SEO. To accomplish so, do typical web research, but consider it in a different light based on what people are searching for on YouTube.

Check that your video’s title, description, and tags include high-value keywords.

Once your channel is up and running, you can check the “Traffic Source: YouTube search” report on YouTube to discover what people are searching for when they visit your hosted videos.

For terms like “how-to,” “reviews,” “tutorials,” and “funny video,” Google provides video results in general.

In addition, there are five crucial YouTube SEO ranking parameters to consider:

  • The total number of responses received
  • They subscribe after seeing a video.
  • Thumbs up to thumbs down ratio
  • the length of the film
  • YouTube’s search proportion.
  • YouTube SEO infographic

SEO foundations, such as having excellent content and linked to other high-quality channels, are vital in YouTube search engine rankings. Remember that ranking on Google’s first pages for competitive keywords will only become more complex.

Every minute, YouTube gets more video uploads than all other video libraries combined! Consequently, SEO is a long-term strategy (but can be accelerated with these strategies).

One advantage of YouTube is how easy it is to form connections and collaborate with the right people.

Allowing a popular YouTube partner to include you in one of their videos, or vice versa, might help you get a vast number of new subscribers to your channel. For this option, discover a relevant and high-traffic influencer with a following similar to (or ideally bigger than) yours.

  • Go to YouTube and search for other YouTubers with comparable channels to yours to find potential partners.
  • You may also look for collaborators on Google by searching for “your keyword” + “collaborate.”
  • Consider doing shout-outs for other well-known channels in exchange for them mentioning yours.
  • You may be able to get new viewers who were previously unaware of your channel by cooperating with other producers.

6. Maximize the effectiveness of your YouTube marketing funnel.

Improve the revenue potential of your YouTube channel. Choose a niche, become a YouTube partner, and plan your marketing campaign. YouTube is one way to spread your message, but combining it with a blog might help you earn more money.

It will allow you to collect additional email addresses and even sell items to your fan following. Repurpose a blog piece on an affiliate product you’re advertising and put a YouTube video in the post, for example.

Then, to generate money and increase your blog’s audience, send YouTube users back to your site and the affiliate links.

Connecting your YouTube channel to an eCommerce platform like Shopify is another fantastic option for selling items. Here are a few great YouTube merchandise businesses to check out for inspiration.

7. YouTube Revenue models: Use affiliate links on YouTube to monetize your channel.

How to make money on YouTube

Those channels that can provide in-depth lessons, informative product evaluations, advertising affiliate links may be a huge moneymaker. You’ll start earning commissions if you suggest a product and a user clicks on your backlink to purchase it.

May include these links in the first few words of your description, and you can mention them throughout your video content.

Advertising affiliate links via your post and publishing affiliate links on YouTube have a lot in common.

Consequently, you shouldn’t be using backlinks in your YouTube videos just for financial gain (after all, you need your clips to be perceived as unique material that your viewers can’t get elsewhere).

Note that individuals will only click on these links if they feel you are a trustworthy source.

Help your visitors solve actual issues and deliver lessons to earn their trust and get additional subscriptions. Like an extra advantage, you can watch movies that show how to solve problems you’ve already solved. On a prominent partner program like Shareasale or Awin, you may join many businesses in one spot.

Start a blog in tandem with your YouTube channel and include affiliate connections there for the highest YouTube premium earnings. That way, you may monetize YouTube while still having a website on your platform (while keeping in mind monetization restrictions and eligibility criteria).

The first step for novices who want to establish a blog is to sign up for Bluehost web hosting.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Go to Bluehost.com and choose to Get Started from the drop-down menu.
  • Select a hosting package. ($2.95 per month if you use my Link)
  • Choose a new domain name for your website or use one you already hold.
  • Fill up your account details, billing information, and account plan.
  • The Sitelock Security and Codeguard Basic add-ons may be disabled.
  • Once you’ve clicked Submit, you’re ready to go!

Use Bluehost.

8. Earn money from video adverts by becoming a YouTube Partner.

How to make money on YouTube

Ads are by far the most significant source of finance for many YouTubers. You may generate income as a YouTube Affiliate in a variety of ways. Promotions before your videos, channel subscriptions, and Google AdSense pennants are all ways to generate money. Yet, there are several fundamental rules to follow and some qualifications to meet before being an authorized YouTube Partnership.

You should have One Thousand subscribers and have a least of 4,000 video watch hours on your video in the previous 12 months, in addition to conforming to YouTube’s ad guidelines.

There seems to be no fixed schedule or format for completing these 4,000 hours. To reach 4,000 hours, you may earn 100 hours each from 40 YouTube videos or any mix of the two.

For example, it took five months for Gangnam Style, a famous international song, to acquire one billion views. Despacito, on the other hand, grew in popularity far faster, surpassing one billion views in only 97 days.

After you’ve reached the 4,000-hour mark and become a YouTube Partner, you may start earning money from advertising.

There are a few ways to increase your income potential on YouTube.

If you perform a live broadcast now and then, it’s also an excellent way to generate money. People appreciate that everything is occurring right now and that it is life. They will want to buy from you if you have a loyal fan base that follows your stream regularly.

YouTube has also made super chat and super stickers available on its platform.

Your YouTube Premium subscribers may utilize these features to buy chat messages that aren’t the same as those displayed at the top of your chat feedback.

It means that you have a secondary source of income from which to profit. Aside from the advertising, you have on your videos, this might be a great way to make money from your viewers.

How much money do YouTubers make?

For thousands of YouTubers, this answer may be nothing or very little. It may be a million dollars or more every year for well-known YouTubers.

Since ad revenue may range from $0.35 to $5 per 1,000 views, with a conservative estimate of $1, it’s getting more challenging to make money.

The profitability of your channel is driven by both your views and your specialism. YouTubers in popular categories like listicles, news, celebrity gossip, cosmetics and beauty, and renowned failures quickly make money with millions of views.

There are also YouTube revenue calculators that may assist you in determining how much money you can make based on the number of people who view your videos and how engaged they are.

Is it feasible to monetize YouTube with a pay-per-subscriber model?

A subscription option has just been made available to YouTubers with a substantial following.

Let’s look at what it takes to create a successful Youtube channel in more detail. As an example, I’ll utilize my own YouTube channel.

Let’s begin from the very beginning.

Art as a medium

on the internet art

It is the icon that appears at the top of your channel. It’s a great place to put a call to action or something aesthetically pleasing.

In this example, I use a picture of my face, logo, and wording relevant to what I do.

It gives the viewers a feel of who I am and what they can anticipate when they subscribe to my channel.

In addition, there is a graphic that links people to my website.

A call to action is available in the Channel Art.

cta about channel art

It is a fantastic spot for a call to action.

It gives visitors instructions on what they should do next.

In my case, I have links to my free blogging masterclass, TikTok, and Instagram.

For your profile picture

picture for your YouTube channel

A great profile picture is a must-have! This photo will always be visible since it is in the bottom left corner of each of your flicks.

Make sure the picture you choose is up to date.

Remember that a smile is infectious, so smile if you’re using a personal picture.

YouTube channel name

It might be anything as long as it is relevant to your content, or you can use your name.

The Channel’s Trailer

a channel’s trailer

A short movie called a YouTube channel trailer plays when a visitor reaches your new YouTube home page. Ensure that the video is enjoyable, engaging, and brief.

The video will be your chance to create a positive first impression on the viewers before they even get to your material.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the first few seconds. It’s critical for your channel trailer to make an impact.

Treat it like a trailer for a movie, offering the audience a taste of what’s to come.

You don’t need to utilize a voiceover, but make sure your images match what you’re saying.

The Channel Trailer’s CTA and Description

CTA and description of the channel

It is, once again, your first opportunity to create a positive impression on your guests.

In my case, a call-to-action to join up for my free blogging masterclass.

The description then provides information on the film and what viewers may expect to learn from seeing it.

Late Postings

the most recent additions

The most recent videos you’ve uploaded are visible in this area.

It is a great place to promote your most recent videos and urge users to check out your other content.

If you have playlists, you may put them here to make it easier for people to consume your content.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Make Money on YouTube:

How many subscribers does someone need to make money?

According to the YouTube Partner Program, you must have 1,000 or more subscribers to monetize your YouTube channel. You must also have completed 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months and have an active Google AdSense account. After you’ve applied and authorized for YPP, you’ll be able to choose your AD options and turn on income for the films you post.

Which YouTuber is the most well-known?

The top YouTube stars make millions of dollars each year by monetizing their channels. Based on yearly income, the following is a list of the highest-paid YouTubers:

  • Ryan Kaji’s net worth is 26 million dollars.
  • Dude Perfect is worth $20 million.
  • Anastasia Radzinskaya is a wealthy woman with an estimated net worth of $18 million.
  • Rhett and Link has around $17.5 million.
  • Jeffree Star has a $17 million net worth.
  • Preston has a $14 million net worth.
  • PewDiePie has a $13 million net worth.
  • Markiplier is the ninth wealthiest person on the list, with a net worth of $13 million.
  • DanTDM has a $12 million net worth.

Which is the most effective way to make money from YouTube?

The best way to make money on YouTube is to have a consistent theme for your videos, whether comedy, education, reviews, or vlogging.

Youtube will place commercials at the beginning and end of videos, and you will get paid when people view them.

The more subscribers, views, and comments your video receives when someone advertises their products on it, the more money Youtube will pay you!

How can I make money on YouTube without commercials?

If ad views aren’t bringing you much money, there are various other ways to monetize your YouTube channel. Here are a handful of the more practical options:

  1. To advertise things and earn money on purchases, use affiliate links in your video descriptions.

  2. Sell products, t-shirts, and other physical stuff via your eCommerce portal.

  3. Sell digital items, online courses, and eBooks to make money.

  4. Get a brand sponsorship on YouTube by growing your audience.

  5. Charge an hourly rate for coaching and consulting services if you’re an expert in your profession.

Is it tough to make money on YouTube?

Making money on YouTube is challenging, and it does need some hustle. According to YouTube’s community guidelines, you must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to join the Partner Program in the last 12 months. To figure out how much money you’re generating from adverts, you’ll need to obtain many views and keep track of your cost per view (CPV).

If you have never had a million views, affiliate marketing is a strategy to promote your channel. You may use your videos to evaluate products or teach others how to use them, and you can add affiliate links in the description. By generating profits on each sale, you may be able to earn more money than your advertising CPV.

In my view, you should start a blog and connect it with your YouTube channel. To enhance views, you may promote affiliate links on both your YouTube channel and your blog, as well as embed your videos in your blog postings (and help your SEO).

What should be my YouTube video title?

Remember what you wish to send via your video. If you want to include keywords in the title of your video for SEO purposes, use relevant keywords in the title.

People seeking for sure things will find your channel more quickly this way, resulting in increased traffic.

What is the most effective approach to getting well-known on YouTube?

It is a broad question with several answers.

Most YouTubers feel that you should be consistent with your content, make high-quality videos, and communicate with your subscribers/viewers.

Additionally, by studying topics that interest you, you may increase the quality of your films by adding more detail and accuracy.

To increase your chances of becoming famous, urge people who watch your films to leave comments and subscribe to your channel.

How much are 1,000 views on YouTube worth?

The issue of how much a thousand views is worth has no definitive solution. The kind of your company, the number of people who click on your adverts, and the country you operate in are all factors to consider. All of this has an impact on your average CPM.

Advertisers may sign up for a Google AdWords account and choose an ad strategy based on whether they want to pay per view (CPV) or pay per click (PCP) (CPC).

If a visitor clicks on a high-value advertisement, you can get $0 for one view and $5 for another. A good rule of thumb is to anticipate earning $0.75–$1.00 per 1,000 views if you use banner advertising, or $6-7 per 1,000 views if you use commercials that play before your video starts.

Why aren’t my films making any money?

May address this subject in several ways. To begin with, it’s conceivable that your visitors aren’t seeing all of the YouTube advertisements that are available to them. Second, your videos may not be fascinating enough to persuade people to watch the advertisements.

Finally, depending on your film’s genre, you may only have commercials to choose from a limited amount.

What kind of YouTube equipment do you want?

  • You’ll need a computer and an excellent webcam to get started.
  • You may also buy a microphone if you want more clear sounds.
  • Use a high-quality camera to record your video.
  • Ensure that there’s enough lighting!

To make YouTube videos, what video editing software do I need?

This collection of the best editing software is a perfect way to start.

YouTube Studio is also a Google tool that allows you to edit movies, add intros and outros, change the pace of your video, change the music in your film, and so on.

If you want to make changes later, it’s a good idea to create a copy of your original file (for example, to re-edit an old film).

Is it permissible for me to use copyrighted music in my videos?

No! If you violate copyright, YouTube has the authority to delete your video and prohibit future videos from being monetized.

Because YouTube has so many legal music options, it’s advisable to utilize noncopyrighted music in your videos.

It’s as simple as that. Making money on YouTube is possible, but it is challenging to do it solely via YouTube. It’s vital to build your platform, such as a blog, and use YouTube as a source of additional traffic.

One benefit is that, as a comparison to organic SEO, YouTube SEO is currently relatively uncompetitive. You’ll be in a better position when the competition heats up in 2020 if you can get in now and start earning traffic.

My recommendation is to build a site with a high-end marketing funnel, then utilize YouTube to increase your email list and make affiliate income as a side hustle.

The easiest way to do this is to link your YouTube channel to a Bluehost-hosted blog.

Here’s how to get back on track:

  • Choose to Get Started from the drop-down option at Bluehost.com.
  • Choose a hosting plan. If you utilize my Link, it will cost you $2.95 each month.
  • For your website, choose a new domain name or use the one you already own.
  • Complete the form with your account information, billing information, and account plan.
  • It’s possible to turn off the Sitelock Security and Codeguard Basic add-ons.
  • You’re ready to go after you’ve hit Submit.
  • Take a look at Bluehost.
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