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How to reset Sony Bravia TV [Latest Guide]

How to reset Sony Bravia TV
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In some cases, we need to reset our Android TV for whatever reason. We will learn about how to reset the Sony Bravia TV here. The process is very simple and easy. Just follow the steps below.

Please note that this article only applies to specific operating systems and/or products. See the Applicable Categories and Products section for more information.

Warning: **Resetting to factory settings removes all the user’s customized settings. These include channels, accounts (such as Google Accounts), system and application data, downloads, networks, and parental controls.**

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Things you should know before performing a factory reset of Sony Bravia TV:

1. Only Sony Android TVs can be configured using the steps in this article.
2. Before performing a factory reset, perform a (soft) power reset. Customized settings are usually not reverted to factory settings during a power reset. Also, sync your applications. 

How will you synchronize your applications before resetting Sony Bravia TV?

To recover some of the data from an application after a factory reset of Sony Bravia tv, you can sync it with your Google account. Here is the procedure for your TV type.

The AndroidTM 9 operating system 

Go to HOME > Settings > Accounts & Sign in >Google > Choose synced apps> choose items to sync → Sync now.

7.0 And 8.0 versions of Android

Go to HOME > Settings > Google > Select synced apps in Sync > select what needs to be synced → Sync now.

Version 6.0 of Android

Select HOME > Settings > Personal > Google > Choose synced apps in Sync > select items to sync → Sync now.

You can reset your Sony Bravia TV to factory settings by following these steps:

You may need to wait a few minutes for the factory reset to complete. We suggest that you wait until the reset process is complete. Once you select the Erase everything option, you need to enter your PIN code (if you have one set on your TV).

The Initial Setup wizard appears after the Factory Reset process is completed. Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service must be agreed to. After a factory reset, the pairing sequence for the Touchpad needs to be re-enabled.

In what condition is your sony Bravia TV now?

The following options will allow you to navigate to the appropriate section depending on the status of your TV:
1. You can view the Home screen.
2. This remote control fails to display the Home screen (the HOME button does not work).

For more information about Sony Bravia tv, Click here…

When the Home screen is displayed:

• Skip steps 5 and 6 for X74xxH_X75xxH Series.
• The display may differ between models or OS versions.

Follow these steps:
Step1: Turn on the television.

Step2: Press the HOME button on the remote control.

Step2: Click on Settings.

Step3: The following steps are dependent on the sony Bravia TV menu:
 *Click on Device Preferences > Reset.
 *Choose Device Preferences > About > Reset.
 *Then select Storage and Reset.
Click Factory data reset.

Step4: Erase everything by selecting Erase All. [Put the Parental lock password (Broadcast) in when asked for a password to reset sony Bravia TV.]

Step5: Click on Yes.

If this remote control fails to display the Home screen (the HOME button does not work):

X74xH_X75xH Series: Steps

In case you receive a response when you press the ACTION button on the remote control, please follow these steps to reset sony Bravia TV: 
Step1: Use the remote control’s ACTION button.

Step2:  Press the Settings button.

Step3:  Navigate to the Device Preferences menu.

Step4: Follow these steps according to your TV’s menu:
• Press the Reset button.
• Then select about → Reset.

Steps to take if your TV is not in the X74xxH_H75xxH series

If your remote control responds to the HELP button, follow the steps below to reset the Sony Bravia TV. (Your display screen will vary depending on which model you have.):

Step1: Turn on your television.

Step2: Push the HELP button on the remote control.
Step3: Click on the Help Guide to find out how to use your TV.

Step4:  Click on Settings.
Step5:  Click on Configure TV.
Step6:  Click “TV.”.
Step7:  Scroll down to Settings.

Follow the steps according to your TV. Depending on your TV, follow these steps:
Step8:  Choose Device Preferences → Reset.                
Step9:  Click on Storage & Reset.                                               
Step10: Tap Factory data reset.
Step11:  Click Erase All.
(Provide the Parental lock (Broadcast) password if prompted.)
Step12: Then click yes.

Hope this helps you. Throughout this article, everything written is based on experience.  That’s all I have for today. You can contact the support center if this doesn’t work for you or if you have any other problems. The official support center can be accessed by clicking here.