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How to stream amazon prime on discord

How to stream amazon prime on discord
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Watching movies in theatres with friends and family has become a trend over the past few years. It is one of the most popular ways of entertainment. But due to the Covid-19 lockdown, all the theatres were closed. Hanging out in public was not possible.

But can you stop watching your favorite movies with your beloved ones?

No, it’s not!

During the lockdown, the popularity of online streaming sites has grown up. When we talk about online streaming sites, we always think about Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. These are the two giants in the industry right now.

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But how can we watch movies together with our beloved ones?

Hold on!

We are here with a solution!

As the demand for Amazon Prime has increased, so has the demand for digital distribution platforms like skype, zoom, discord, etc. during the pandemic.

Today, we are going to talk about a digital distribution platform where you can stream Amazon Prime Videos and watch them together with your friends and family.

If you want to know more about it, make sure to read the whole article.

Let’s get started.

What is Discord?

For those who do not know about discord, let me give you a brief introduction to it.

Discord is an instant messaging, VOIP, and Digital Distribution platform where you can make private or group calls, chats, share screens, and many more. It was created by Discord Inc. originally recognized as Hammer & Chisel Inc.

Discord was initially released in 2015. Right now, it is available in 28 languages.

You can use Discord from your browser or download the windows, or Mac version on your PC. Besides, you can download the mobile app from Play Store and App Store.

You can create multiple communities here, called servers. Your friends can find you here and join you whenever you are online.

How to stream amazon prime on discord?

We have to do so many things in our life for the first time. When the lockdown starts, we had to work from home, attend online classes, virtual meetings, etc. Using Discord was one of them.

how to stream amazon prime videos on discord

Those who never use Discord might find it complicated in the first place. Let me tell you that it is very simple! Discord considers the process as a Game.

If you are new to Discord, make sure to follow the steps to stream Amazon Prime on your server.

Log in to your Amazon Prime Account

If you want to stream amazon prime on Discord, you have to log in to your Amazon Prime account from your browser.

amazon sign in

Open Discord

After login into your Amazon Prime Account, open another tab on your browser and go to the discords website and sign in to your account. If you have discord on your PC, launch the software.

discord login

Go to Settings

When the discord dashboard appears, select the settings icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

discord settings

Select Game Activity

On the settings menu, click on Game Activity.

game activity discord

Select Add it option

After clicking game activity, click the Add it option on your screen. 

add it discord

Select Amazon Prime

Add it option will lead you to a drop-down menu where you need to select Amazon Prime to stream videos.

addit dropdown

Add Game

After selecting Amazon Prime, click on Add Game.

addgame discord

Select Screen

When you are done, leave the settings section and get back to your dashboard. The select screen is on the bottom left corner of your screen. A screen will pop up where you need to select the browser window you want to stream.

screenshare discord

Adjust your streaming settings

After doing all the previous steps, you need to select the streaming settings based on your preference. On a free account, you cannot select a resolution of more than 720p. If you need a higher resolution you must have a Discord Nitro Account.

screen preference discord

You are done!

If you are done with streaming settings, click on Go Live on the bottom right corner of your screen and enjoy streaming amazon videos.

go live

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Amazon Prime with my friends?

Yes, you can. You just need to follow the steps.

    • Login and Open Amazon Prime on your browser.
    • Select and open the video you want to watch together.
    • Select the watch party icon to invite your friends and family.

Is it Illegal to share Amazon Prime Videos on Discord?

Sharing videos for the general public on discord is definitely a copyright infringement. But if you are watching movies with your friends then it is completely legal.

I am unable to stream Amazon Prime on discord. What should I do?

First of all, you should try all the above steps I have mentioned in this article. If it is not still working, then try to download or update your discord software or app, clear cache, and restart.


If you are a newbie on Discord, this article will definitely be helpful for you. I really hope that following the steps mentioned earlier will smooth your journey for streaming videos on Discord.

Don’t forget to comment on your experience while using Discord for the first time for streaming videos.