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JOVAL Native WiFi Projector – Full HD Multipurpose Device

JOVAL Native WiFi Projector - Full HD Multipurpose Device
4.6/5 - (5 votes)

Projectors with WiFi connectivity are becoming a very useful tool nowadays. For entertainment and also educational purposes the usage of WiFi projectors is increasing highly.

You don’t want a projector that requires rubbish wires and other things to connect with your Smartphone, PC, Laptop, or other devices. You want a solid WiFi projector that has WiFi and it will connect with your device faster and you can navigate through the whole internet in it.

But the problem is there are thousands of WiFi Projectors on the market, and not all of them perform the way you want. We got the solution here.

JOVAL Native WiFi Projector is a kind of projector that will fill all your requirements and almost everything you want in a WiFi projector to have. We all want a good combo and also a budget-friendly projector. It can be a really good option for you to try out JOVAL Native WiFi Projector for the very first time, or even maybe you are an old customer who is seeking the latest brand update.

JOVAL Native Full HD Portable WiFi Projector

One of the cost-efficient WiFi projectors in the market with crystal clear visuals and video that comes with 1080P Full HD resolution. Joval Native projector can be used at home and also outdoor which is why it is a multipurpose projector.

Joval native wifi projector review

The projector uses the very latest WiFi screen sync technology that clearly mirrors videos, games, images from your smartphone, and other Miracast-enabled devices. Joval Native WiFi projector can also be connected to your PC, Laptop, PS, DVD, TV stick, Xbox via HDMI.

One of the amazing things about this projector is that this uses a smart remote focus to focus in a more efficient way and this projector can shrew 50% offset. Which can provide you with a hassle-free streaming quality.

Full Specification

Let’s see what makes Joval Native WiFi Projector different than other normal WiFi projectors in the market. This projector comes with:

  • Display Technology is LCD and LED
  • Brightness is 100 ANSI Lumens
  • Native Resolution is 1920*1080px
  • 3W Dual Stereo HiFi Speakers Used
  • Screen Size is 35”-120”(Optimum is 85″)
  • Weight will be 2.87 lb (1.3kg)
  • Projector Dimension is (W*L*H) 129mm*120mm*190mm (5inch*4.7inch*7.5inch)
  • 1080P Full HD + Enhanced Brightness Feature
  • Latest WiFi Screen Sync Technology
  • 50% Offset
  • Remote Control and Button Control

And also the Joval Native WiFi projector comes with a beautiful bag to carry it everywhere. 

Usage Of Joval Native WiFi Projector

This projector can be used in the home or for outdoor purposes. Like all other projectors, the projector will work more efficiently in low light. The 1080P resolution can make your home a mini theatre and in case if you want to use it outdoor, you can use its conferences, business meetings, parties with friends, and so on.

This projector comes with an elegant-looking dust-free design. The dust-free design will ensure the protection of the projector while used for outdoor purposes. So you do not need to worry about the outside dust. But make sure you don’t take it close to the water. Usually, projectors aren’t water-resistant.

Last But Not the Least

Joval Native WiFi projector gives you 30 days free money-back guarantee and 3 years of repair and lifetime professional technical support. It also comes with a protecting bag. Which makes this a handy tool to keep with you.

You can check reviews on Amazon, this tool has been rated 4.4 out of 5. I think this is a very decent number. People are too choosy while buying a projector. 

Currently, Joval is giving you some exciting discounts and coupon codes that can be used right now