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Where To Buy Distilled Water [Detailed Information]

Where To Buy Distilled Water
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Distilled water is water that has been cleaned of pollutants using the distillation method. Boiling the water turns it into steam, cooling it until it condenses back into the water. Distillation is more than just running water through a filter; it destroys all pollutants. It enhances the flavor and smell of the water, and you can be sure there are no pollutants or additions in the water you drink.

Distilled water has numerous health benefits; the first is eliminating the risk of drinking polluted water entirely. Water that has been contaminated can spread the disease and expose you to contaminants. Consuming pure water lowers your risk of contracting a water-borne illness or ingesting chemicals.

You are maybe curious to know after where you can buy distilled water and how much it costs now that you have a basic knowledge of why drinking distilled water is beneficial for health (and the flavor!). Here are some details on where you can purchase it:

Where to Buy Distilled Water?

Where To Buy Distilled Water

Check your local grocery shop or pharmacy, as well as Target and Walmart, for in-store possibilities. The majority of distilled water is sold in one-gallon bottles. Consider obtaining higher-grade water from an auto supply provider such as ThermoFisher, ChemWorld, Research Products International, or online.

Home Delivery

You may get distilled water delivered to your home, but this is also pricey. The lowest monthly pricing for water delivery to your home is roughly $25 per month for around 14 gallons. It equates to about $1.66 per gallon.

Grocery Stores

Where To Buy Distilled Water

Distilled water is available at the local grocery store, but this can be pricey. It can span from $2 per quart for the least expensive brands to more than $9 per gallon for high-end brands. Even at the cheapest cost, that’s a lot of money to spend on the water every week.

Home Water Distillers

Domestic water distillers, on the other hand, cost roughly 28% per gallon of distilled water. The American Public consumes 58 gallons of water each year, with 87 gallons consumed for cooking. Using a home water distiller would save $1.22 for every gallon of water consumed if we utilized $1.50 as the price per gallon of filtered water. If there are four individuals in the family, this equates to a $422.56 annual savings. And if you computed the savings for just 3/4 of the amount of water you should drink every day rather than what the average person consumes, the savings per four-person home would be more than $600 per year.

Online Retailers

Unlike other physical shops, there are many online retailers available that sell distilled water. You may find them beneficial and convenient as like another physical shop.

Here is a list of online shops that deliver distilled water.

01. Amazon

Where To Buy Distilled Water

If you need distilled water in quantity or small quantities, Amazon will almost certainly be the most cost-effective alternative. It supplies both regular and higher-grade distilled water, so you’ll almost always be able to locate the proper type and quantity for your requirements.

02.  Big W

Big W, a discount department store, has all you need, such as distilled water, at relatively low prices.

03. Autobarn

Although Team Medical Supplies may not have been the first place that comes to mind when looking for distilled water, the site does have huge bottles that will give you more bang for your budget.


For most purposes, buying distilled water from Amazon (which also offers it in bulk) or your local grocery shop will be the accessible and most effective alternative. Look online at specialty chemical or lab supply retailers like ChemWorld, Research Products International, or ThermoFisher if you require water for a specific application.

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Do you want to buy distilled water but don’t know where to begin? First, let’s look at how it is manufactured to understand better why it is one of the cleanest forms of water on the marketplace, if not the purest type of water.


What is the Process of Making Distilled Water?

The technique of distillation is used to create distilled water. When water heats up to a boiling point, it condenses into steam, evaporating almost all chemicals, artificial minerals, and contaminants. After that, the pure vapor is captured and reduced back into the water. You’re left with clean, pure water once most pollutants and impurities have been removed.

If you have the necessary tools, distilling water is you can purchase a home water distiller or manufacture it with a heating pot and a glass bowl. However, there is a lot of opportunity for error, and you might not be able to filter the water entirely. It’s usually a good idea to get distilled water from a reputable vendor who can provide you with information about the cleanliness.

What Can I Do With Distilled Water?

It has a variety of applications and is prized for its purity. Because it does not produce build-up in devices, it can be used in humidors to keep cigars, automobile batteries and radiators, CPAP devices, and other mechanical services.

Because it does not include pollutants that could contaminate open wounds, impact a solution, or cause possible build-up in appliances, it can be used in healthcare when cleansing a wound, sterilizing equipment, or in experiments.