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How Long Does Pacsun Take To Ship and 12 Most Asked Questions

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Why Do People Eat Cornstarch? – Alarming Things

Why Do People Eat Cornstarch? – Alarming Things
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People eat cornstarch to make food thicker. Let’s get clear about one thing that Cornstarch is not something that you can eat directly, it is a food ingredient that is used with other food. It has also been said as a non-food substance.

You can say this is a food ingredient that is used in soup, juice, sauces, stews, and desserts to make it thicker. It is a popular food thicker that has some upsides and downsides as well.

Here in this article, I’ll be discussing some important parts of cornstarch. If you are a regular taker of cornstarch or just want to know more about it out of curiosity this article is a must for you. Cause there is something about cornstarch that people need to know.

Why Do People Eat Cornstarch?

There is a disorder called Pica. If you somehow grow a habit to eat raw cornstarch you may have grown the disorder too. The Pica is a disorder that craves non-food substances like cornstarch, ice, dirt, etc.

why people eat Cornstarch

On the other hand, people take cornstarch not habitually nor daily, just to make soup, juice, sauces, stews, dessert is normal. Cornstarch is like food ingredients like baking powder and baking soda. Which are used in making cakes and foods like that.

People usually do not eat raw cornstarch. It has been eaten with sauces, soups, and some desserts to make it much thicker. Some people like a thicker soup, thicker sauces and they regularly use cornstarches. And there is nothing wrong with that.

There are some nutritional upsides and downsides of cornstarches. People who are thin and hard gainers take cornstarch to get some extra carbohydrates. It is a food ingredient that is enriched with carbohydrates.  

Nutritional Benefits Of Cornstarch

Cornstarch is full of carbohydrates and nothing else. This food substance is lacking some important vitamins and minerals. A report has published in the United States Department of Agriculture about cornstarch and said that a serving of cornstarch (28 grams) contains:

  • Calories: 107
  • Fiber: 0.3
  • Almost 0 grams of Proteins
  • 0 grams of Vitamin A, B12, B6, K

It lacks protein, fiber, and some vital nutrients so it has not that many benefits for your body. But one advantage of eating cornstarch is that it has low fat, low cholesterol, and low sodium rate. And another benefit would be it is gluten-free. If you are a hard gainer and seeking some food ingredients that are full of carbs, you can eat cornstarch.

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Is Cornstarch Bad For You?

As I’ve referenced earlier that is almost 0 in proteins, fiber, and vitamins like B12, B6, A, K, and so on. Cornstarch is full of carbohydrates and a recent study shows that consuming cornstarch on a daily and higher basis may increase the risk of type- 2 diabetes. But if you are an athlete, you can burn the extra calorie easily. The risk is more in women than men.

Eating raw cornstarch may increase the risk of stomach upset, gas, and bloat in some people. It is hard to digest in raw form. But if you are taking it with soup, sauces or desserts then it won’t be a big issue for you.

Fiber helps in digestion and the good bacteria in the stomach. So if you are taking raw cornstarch, you may lack fiber. You can consider taking it with foods that are enriched with fiber.

How Much Cornstarch To Consume Each Day

This food ingredient can be enjoyed in small servings every day to make your food much delicious. And taking this amount of cornstarch won’t harm or usually won’t bring any disadvantages. The ideal amount of taking cornstarch every day is 1-2 tablespoons which is usually 8-12 grams.

To avoid some risk factors of taking cornstarch, consider taking this fixed amount of cornstarch daily. This will minimalize all the disadvantages of it and it is a safer amount that you can take every day.

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FAQ On Cornstarch

Question: Is Cornstarch the same as Cornflour?

Answer: No, both are different.

Question: What happens when you use too much cornstarch?

Answer: It will increase the blood sugar level and increase the risk of heart disease.

Question: Does Eating Cornstarch Make You Fat?

Answer: The food ingredient is full of Carbs, so it can make you fat. but taking a minimal amount won’t affect much.

Question: What is the taste of cornstarch?

Answer: It is mostly flavorless. It has no actual taste and it will get mixed up with the food and taste like that food.